Two weeks down, and a bunch to go, and we this has been one of the more uneventful two weeks to start an NFL season in recent memory.

This has resulted in a slightly higher volume of predictable outcomes, which in turn has resulted in higher scoring in the WSOH contest.  Again, these numbers are only slightly and should level off in the coming weeks, but there aren’t many surprises out there this year, and legit upsets have been few and far between. In Week 2 the Lions over the Chargers and maybe the Colts over the Titans are the only two games that really snuck up on people… in Week 1 the biggest shocker was Cleveland losing to the Titans especially the way they did.  If you are the type that likes to pick upsets, it’s a been a tough two weeks for you, as there just hasn’t been that many that have hit.

Week 2 brought the World Series of Handicapping its first 7-0 outcome, so props to Batch9 for nailing all 7 of their predicted outcomes.  Of course it didn’t matter where they lined up their confidence levels at, because they were perfect, but for the record they were the most confident in Buffalo covering on the road against the Giants… that’s super risky to a conservative like me, but kudos to Batch9 for realizing how bad the Giants really are and pushing Eli into retirement – we are all thankful for that.

Of note the top two scores for the week refrained from picking over/under outcomes – there’s no judgment here – it’s a true feel thing, some weeks will be all over/unders others will be out outcome picks… most I’m guessing will be a combination of both.

Two interesting tidbits of information that must be shared… BUFFALO as a pick with a confidence level of 7 was only submitted by one team, and they are $50 richer for doing so.  Many others chose Buffalo, but nowhere near a seven.  Secondly of the top 20 week 2 scores 11 people chose CLE somewhere in their grid, so more people were on this game than any other game.

Of the bottom 20 scores in Week 2, only 5 players chose the CLEVELAND BROWNS – so lesson learned.  The problem is, this game come Saturday night was not even close to the top 10 consensus picks, because I would’ve totally agreed with it.  I believe those who submitted their picks early got were victims of the “out of sight out of mind” effect that bankrupts so many people that play in contests like this.  Those who submit late had that game jump out at them.

Props to our overall leader who goes by the name “Hockey” and is currently 11-3 with 30.80 points.  In second plays we have Batch9 on the strength of their perfect week, who is also 11-3 after going 4-3 in Week 1 with a -1.40 points.  That’s an amazing bounce back, and I’m certain they are kicking themselves for butchering their week 1 picks.  Until next week gamers – make sure to catch my consensus picks article later on this week…