Raymond Report Recommended Online Sportsbooks

Raymond Report Recommended Online Sportsbooks. Please make sure to bet today’s BELMONT PARK Free horse racing picks at one of our top recommended sportsbooks from the recommended list in our online sportsbook section.

Raymond Report Recommended Online Sportsbooks

While we weren’t too impressed with the fees for the withdrawal options, we were very impressed with all of the bonuses and the cash-back options. Bookmaker is definitely one of the better options in terms of extras and goodies. We were also very impressed with all the entertainment bets where we could bet on the Golden Globes, and even the Over/Under on when Mel Gibson is getting arrested again. We found the commercial juice and betting limits a little bit of a deterrent to professional sports handicappers but the site is highly recommended for any average gambler and even professionals too if they don’t mind the juice.

Bookmaker Reputation: 5/5

  • Bookmaker has been around since 2003.
  • Bookmaker is international with no restrictions so Americans can have a reputable and reliable book to wager with.
  • Our own personal experience with Bookmaker tells us that they’re a safe and trustworthy book.

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