How the Raymond Report Betting System Works?

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Ron Raymond is a professional sports handicapper going into his 23rd season. In fact, Ron established one of the original online sports handicapping websites called the Phoenix Sports Ticket in 1996.

During his career, Ron has invented many sports betting tools which includes the ATS Calculator, ATS Stats Databases, Parity Value Index, Market Value Index Chart and the Raymond Report betting System.

Since Parity has crept into the sports league in the early 2000’s, the dynasty years are over for teams like the New York Yankees, New York Islanders, Edmonton Oilers, Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bulls.

Ron believes sports betting is now a cycles game and to win on a consistent basis, you have to play the percentages, while shopping for value!

The Raymond Report Sports Handicapping System?

Raymond Report Handicapping Fundamentals:

  1. What involves making a line? Two Teams + Market Psychology = Perception DIVIDED by Reality and Equalizer (Law of Average)!
  2. Understand teams go through winning and losing cycles!
  3. Try to find each team’s average win percentage record, knowing it will fluctuate between cycles. (Type of teams – A, B, C)
  4. Recognize WINNING and LOSING comes in cycles! (Market Conditions = Bullish, Neutral, Bearish)

How to Spot Value with the Raymond Report?

  1. Study each teams schedule and understand the situational circumstances leading up to each game is different and how it affects the current market price of each game.
  2. Know the psychological edge of the betting public vs. the bookmaker’s mind set.
  3. Remember, when the bookmaker sets a line, they’ve been in this situation thousand of times before and they know how the betting public thinks.
  4. Use the Raymond Report (Value Index) chart to see if there’s value in your pick. (3-Types of Price Value: Market Value, Undervalued Price and Overvalued Price)

How to Play the Percentages using the Raymond Report?

  1. Where is the team in the standings at this very moment?
  2. What kind of cycle are they in their last 7 games? (Bullish, Neutral or Bearish)
  3. Are they home or away?
  4. Rule #1 of the Raymond Report, “Don’t mess with Streaks!
  5. Finally, check the “C.O.W.” (Chances of Winning %) column to see if the odds are in your favor and then compare it with the Value Index (V.I.), to see if you have fair market value.

If you’re interested in Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond’s Premium Picks, check out his rates here.