The Raymond Report is a Sports Handicapping System based on 3-key fundamentals of handicapping. Like any winning system, it all begins with strong fundamentals!

Ron Raymond’s 3-Key Fundamentals of Handicapping

  1. Value ($= Is there Value in the price or spread of your pick?
  2. Percentage Play (%) = Are the percentages in your favor?
  3. V.I.C. (Vegas Index Cycle) = Is the Vegas Index Cycle (V.I.C.) a threat or compliment to your pick?

Once you’ve determined all three of these key handicapping principles are in your favor; you now have the “ingredients” to a winning selection.

Take the 2 Question Challenge

1.) What is the main factor about making your picks?

  1. Players/Lineups
  2. Injuries
  3. Teams Win/Lost Record
  4. Public Perception/Media Influence
  5. Or the Percentage Play

2.) What main factor does the Bookmaker use to make their lines?

  1. Players/Lineups
  2. Injuries
  3. Teams Win/Lost Record
  4. Public Perception/Media Influence
  5. Or the Percentage Play

Remember, the greatest equalizer the bookmakers have vs. the betting public when setting the line, making sure they get balance action on both SIDES or TOTALS of a game. That’s why the Percentage play will always be the main factor when betting into a line!

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to use the “Raymond Report” Sports Handicapping System.

  • Step 1: Print off the Parity Value Tip Sheet (inside members area).
  • Step 2: Compare the “Value Index” with the “current odds” of each game.
  • Step 3: Highlight the following; “Winning, Losing, OVER, and UNDER” streaks.
  • Step 4: Highlight the Top “Percentage Play” in the Team C.O.W. (Chance of Winning) or C.O.C. (Chances of Covering) column.
  • Step 5: Highlight the TEAM C.O.G.O (Chance of Going OVER) in RED and the C.O.G.U. (Chance of Going UNDER) in GREEN.

How to Use the Raymond Report System Video

Please take a few minutes to watch the entire “Raymond Report System” video below; as Ron explains how to use the system to win on a more consistent basis.

What is the 60% Club Rules?

You’ve organized your tip sheet to your advantage, let’s see if we can connect the dots and increase your confidence level of your “researched” plays.

In order for a play to make the “60% Club”, it must meet the following “Raymond Report System Rules”;

  1. Value ($). It’s OK to overpay for a play you really like, but I would not recommend paying over $20 in price difference with the (Value Index).
  2. Percentage Play (%) – Be careful of the 80/20 Rule, anything over 80% or below 20% is considered a trap play!
  3. “X-Factor” of the V.I.C. (Vegas Index Cycle)

Now, the first two guidelines of the “60% Club” rules are pretty easy to judge with the naked eye, but it’s the V.I.C. factor where you will need a little “Risk/Reward” judgement to complete the trifecta!

*Note: From a handicapping point of view; you now have a starting point to either “eliminate” or “research” the plays that made the “60% Club”.

Vegas Index Cycle (V.I.C.) 8-Point Rules

Here are 8 betting angles to look for when handicapping the V.I.C.

  1. The #1 thing: Streaks! (Don’t mess with streaks)
  2. Strength of Schedule: (L3G in CFB,NFL,CFL) and (L7G for MLB & NHL)
  3. L.O.A.: (Law of Average)
  4. Line-moves: Remember, the line moves can be a trap, not a play!
  5. Vegas Index: (A-B-C-Bearish-Neutral-Bullish)
  6. Historical Trends: (Stats and Trends)
  7. Look Ahead Game
  8. Let down Game

Process of Elimination

If you’re handicapping a daily baseball card, where you can have up to 15 games on your tip sheet, you must have a process of elimination system. Otherwise, you will spend hours trying to come up with a handful of selections and have confidence in those selections. Especially in College Football or Basketball, where you can have anywhere from 50 to 100 games on a Saturday!

*Note: A researched play must be an educated play based on your handicapping fundamentals.
Now that you’ve eliminated some of your plays and you’ve established a handful of plays that made the “60% Club”, let’s go inside the “Raymond Report” to see how we can increase your confidence level of those selections.

*Handicapping Tip: Remember to throw away emotions or sentimental feelings towards any favorite players or teams when handicapping your games, as money has no loyalty.

Once Inside the Raymond Report – now what?

Now that you’re inside the members area, go to the “Raymond Report” league and then select one of the games that made the cut and let’s start handicapping that game.

If there’s one thing I want to stress from a handicapping point of view, know the difference between a “percentage play” and a play that is supported by “averages”.

Roll of the Dice Example:

The best way I can explain the difference between a “percentage play” and “averages” is the following;

Let’s say you have a dice numbered from (#1 to #6); what are the percentages of you hitting your number before the roll? Since there’s 6 numbers on the dice, let’s say for this example, I selected #1, the chances of hitting #1 is 16.6% before the roll.

How did I get 16.6%? I did 1 divided by 6, which gave me 16.6%.

Now, if I roll the dice 10 times in a row and the number #1 showed up 3 times, it averaged out to 30% of the time.

Based on those 10 past games/rolls, we know that number #1 showed up 30% of the time, but I only have a 16.6% chance of winning on each role. Based on those numbers, knowing I only had a 16.6% chance of winning, do I take my chance knowing, the last time they rolled the dice 10 times, that number #1 only showed up 30% of the time. The question I have to ask myself, is the risk reward worth the bet with the data I have?

Are the odds in your favor?

Coming back to the “Raymond Report”, that’s exactly the case you have with a “percentage play” vs. the “averages” in the Raymond Report. If you know from past experience, a certain “situation” has a “x.x %” of coming through, that’s the “risk/reward” factor you have to consider when buying into your pick.

What to look for in the Raymond Report?

Every sport has its handicapping challenges and dynamics.

In baseball, I place approximately between 25% to 40% of my decision factor on the starting pitchers, as pitchers on average, can last anywhere from 3 to 7 innings, depending on the type of pitcher they are in the rotation. That’s why it’s important to check out the PITCHERS C.O.W. and compare it to the TEAMS VIC, to increase your confidence level.

The name of of the game is sports betting and in order to be successful over the long run, you will need to have a system in place, as the cycle of winning and losing will always come back to basic fundamentals and the Raymond Report has very strong fundamentals.

Always remember, “Shop for Value & Play the Percentages”!


Ron Raymond

*Note: Professional Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond has been involved in the handicapping industry since 1996 and is the founder of ATS STATS, Phoenix Sports Ticket and the World Series of Handicapping. Furthermore, Ron Raymond is the author of Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets.