Finding Value in Get Away Day in Baseball

May 25, 2017

ATS STATS Capper Ron Raymond

How do you find value in a line with Get Away Teams in baseball? Well, it’s much like looking for oysters in the ocean; you have to search in the right spot before you can find the pearls!

In fact, here’s a tip from my book, Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets, it’s based exactly on “Get-away Day”.

From Tip#10– Get Away Day in Baseball (Afternoon Game): Here’s what you’re looking for on a get-away day in baseball. Look for a road team in their last game of a series who’s finally heading home after a long road trip. Play the UNDER in this situation. Typically, when a team has been on the road and it’s either a Monday or Wednesday afternoon game, they tend to play quickly to get back home to their families. Sometimes, they will also have a quick plane to catch and the last thing they want is extra innings.

Now, let’s look at today’s early baseball games and see which teams fits the mold and which teams will be looking to get back to some good old home cooking, so they don’t’ have to catch that late red eye back home.

We have 6 afternoon games on the schedule today, the only situation I see a team that could be a solid UNDER play is from the L.A. Angels vs. Tampa Bay game. Bookmaker Sportsbook has this total at 8.5.

The Angels are currently on a 6-game road trip and the last time the Angels played a home game was on May 17th, in a 12-8 win over the White Sox. Therefore, it’s been close to 9 days since they players have slept in their own beds and seen their families, so they could be pressing today.

The other two teams who are playing into their long road trip are the Colorado Rockies who are currently on a 9-game road trip and the Kansas City Royals are on a 5-game road trip with number 6 being played this afternoon.

In fact, another game that could potentially go over is the matchups between the Royals and the Yankees, as New York is heading off to Oakland after this game, so this could be a quick game as well.

Here’s a list of game that could potential go UNDER today:

  • Colorado vs. Philadelphia UNDER 8.5
  • San Francisco vs. Chicago Cubs UNDER 7.5
  • Pittsburgh vs. Atlanta UNDER 9.0
  • KC Royals vs. NY Yankees UNDER 8.5
  • LA Angels vs. Tampa Bay UNDER 9.0
  • Seattle vs. Washington UNDER 9.5

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