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Raymond Report Sports Betting Tip #4 – How Much of a Bankroll Should I Start With?

Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond of the Raymond Report will be releasing 30 Sports Betting Tips each day during the Month of July to get you through those “Dog Days of Summer”. Welcome to Tip #4 of 30, as Ron shares his thoughts on how much you should be betting on per game and what is a good bankroll starter!

What's your Game Plan?

  • Set objectives and Cash Out Goals: Example: Cash out Mondays/Tuesdays
  • Set Rules such as: Don't Chase Bets, Live Another Day, Stay Away from Volume Days (CFB Saturday)
  • Have a System or Reliable Sources: Tipsheets, Handicappers, ETC…
  • Stay Disciplined

How Much of a Bankroll Should I Start with? How much should I bet?

  • Establish Your Starting Bankroll?
  • Novice Bettor: Start with a $500 bankroll
  • Intermediate to Advance Bettor: $1000 to $5000

How Many Units Should I Bet in a Bullish, Neutral or Bear Market?

Ron Raymond’s Money Management System – Sports Betting Index (SBI)

  • a) Bullish Market = 1 to 3 Units
  • b) Neutral Market = 1 to 5 Units
  • c) Bearish Market = 1 to 3 Units

Example: If you start off with a $500 bankroll, then $25 (5%) bet per game would be considered good money management.


About Professional Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond

Ron Raymond is a veteran sports handicapper going into his 24th season and is recognized as a pioneer in the online sports handicapping industry. In 2009, Ron Raymond wrote a book called “Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets” and it is now listed on Amazon. Plus, Ron Raymond is the owner and founder of the World Series of Handicapping© Pro Football Contest going into its 9th season.

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