Hottest Trends for Sunday’s MLB Baseball Games

The hottest trends for Sunday games are here, an exclusive and complete analysis of ATS STATS on games with the best betting options to make lots of money. Bettors can be confident in trends, as MLB teams maintain their trends for a long time.

St. Louis Cardinals: 20-11 Totals

On Sunday, they will have a home game against Washington Nationals. The best option for this game is in the TOTALS, as the St. Louis Cardinals have completed 20 overs and 11 unders since April 25 at home. It is one of the best current records for the OVER, no other team has had an average of 4.58 runs at home. The Cardinals’ power is in their batters: Kolten Wong .301 injured, Jedd Gyorko .298, Tommy Pham .284, Yadier Molina .267 and Stephen Piscotty .251 build the power to score runs in the Cardinals.


Chicago Cubs: Nasty on the road Total record.

As we have said in several reviews on the Cubs games, the defending champion has had several problems this season, they have made no effort to win games on the road and their current Totals record is 8 overs and 17 unders. As a team on the road, the Cubs allow 4.50 runs to home teams, 3.08 walks, 8.46 hits and 1.35 home runs. On Sunday, they will face Cincinnati Reds, another mediocre team but they know how to win at home. The Reds have won 21 of 40 home games. Under 10 runs could be a very lucrative bet.


Los Angeles Dodgers: Powerful beast.

Nothing and no one stops the power of the Los Angeles Dodgers, much less on the road. On Sunday they visit the San Diego Padres home, they have already faced the Padres this season, Dodgers had a series of 4 games in the opening week, The Dodgers won 3 games and lost the second one by 0-4. The current trend indicates that the Dodgers are invincible on the road and at home since April 27 this year, they have won 44 games, only lost 16, completed 39 run lines and 32 overs. The bet is in the straight win, the money line will be very juicy for the game against the Padres.


Kansas City Royals: 20-9 Totals

The Royals are a team that loves to score many runs at home, on sunday they will have the last game of a series of 4 against the Twins, it’s expected to be a game where the OVER bet is the winner. In the current season, since the 28th of may, Kansas City Royals has completed 20 overs, 9 under and 1 total draw, that leaves them with 69% probability to complete an over. Kansas scores an average of 5 runs, 9.43 hits, 1.23 home runs and a .280 batter hit on average.


Trends are one more way to discover options in a game, a tool that is available to bettors. We at ATS STATS have always said the trends are made to take advantage of them to the maximum, bettors must take bets with a trend until it ends.

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