MARCH 3RD, 2018 NBA DAILY PICKS – No More Bragging

March 3rd, 2018

Des Boodram


Ok – I made a promise not brag in my victories or have self pity in my defeats.  I’m not dwelling on the positive or negative because the game changes like the ocean in high tide, and I’m not for one second going to pretend that I have a handle on this.  What I will do is represent that I have a handle and continue to give you sound advice while owning it when I don’t.  So I went 2-0 last Wednesday (this is me not bragging) and have another slate on Saturday night that has three games I’m going to target.   Buckle up, because I’m feeling good and I’m going to let it ride.  (Current Record 11-9-2)


Boston Celtics at Houston Rockets OVER216.5

Over… as in this one is over before it starts.  Both these teams have been filling up the stat sheets since the All-Star break… and this game will be no difference.  Boston has found it’s offensive rhythm and specifically Kyrie Irving has found his sweet spot leading this team.  The Celtics are coming off a recent 134-point win, and even though they are on the road they have a deep bench and should be able to throw a lot off a great Houston team that is average on defense.  The Rockets however have been pouring it all season, and a bunch of shooters let by SG James Harden.  The Rockets can score in the paint, which is great for them but it makes them a matchup nightmare for pretty much any team.  Fortunately the Celtics have improved their shooting percentage dramatically over the last two months and fans and gamers should get ready for a high scoring game.


Detroit Pistons at Miami Heat OVER 205.5

I feel like the Pistons should be better than they are and it started that way when they acquired Blake Griffin.  They have since become the epitome of mediocre and predictable form night to night.   Here’s the thing, the O/U is low… way to low and when two NBA teams that are not dominant defensively I’m taking the over.  I have loved the Heat and their offense all season.  They are well coached, have a great fan-base, and are almost unstoppable when they are shooting well.  I’m guessing the Heat are going to win, and both teams will get to the over mark.     Miami 110 – Detroit 100.


Denver Nuggets at Cleveland Cavs OVER 228

These are two of the worst defensively rated teams in the NBA, and although this point total is high – I like them to crush the over on this one.  The CAVs are also 5th in points per game so I expect King James and company to be all in with this matchup.  Let’s not pretend the Nuggets offense is lacking, because it isn’t.  The Nuggets are similar to the Cavs in that they are built the same.  Nikola Jokic has a bunch of scorers and slashesrs and Lebron has the same thing.  The only difference is Lebron can slash, score, and defend any position.

Take the over.  Good Luck!