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Plus Money Value Index Report

November 21, 2018

The Plus Money strategy seeks to find daily VALUE PLAYS for the sports bettor.  Much like picking a value stock, these picks can be played at a discounted price (no juice) and pay a premium if they win.

The Value Index Rating indicates the value of the underdog based on the Money Line and margin of victory.

The Value Index Report is available for the NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball and MLB.

*Only games with a POSITIVE VI RATING are listed.

Underdog Play Line Opponent Win/Loss Margin Value Index Rating
Nets-A +195 Mavericks-H (3.28) 65.50
Pacers-A +135 Hornets-H (0.55) 63.50
Pelicans-A +160 Sixers-H (2.39) 61
Trail Blazers-A +230 Bucks-H (5.36) 53
Grizzlies-A +125 Spurs-H (2.94) 44
Kings-A +370 Jazz-H (8.07) 35.50
Pistons-A +350 Rockets-H (8.33) 29

Disclaimer: The Plus Money Value Index Report is to be used as a guideline to assist you in handicapping games.  If you’re interested in our specific recommended plays for the day, please e-mail us at


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