Money Line Underdog Value Plays- NCAAB & NBA

Plus Money Value Index Report

January 19, 2019

The Plus Money strategy seeks to find daily VALUE PLAYS for the sports bettor.  Much like picking a value stock, these picks can be played at a discounted price (no juice) and pay a premium if they win.

The Value Index Rating indicates the value of the underdog based on the Money Line and margin of victory.

Any underdog with a Value Rating of 50 or better should be considered a good wager.   

Underdog Money Line Opponent Projected Win/Loss Value Rating
Oregon-A +155 Arizona St-H (0.16) 76
Oklahoma-A +170 Texas-H (2.41) 64.50
Virginia-A +155 Duke-H (1.69) 64.50
TCU-A +125 Kansas State-H (0.05) 62
Wisconsin-H +159 Michigan-A (2.17) 62
Kentucky-A +170 Auburn-H (3.60) 54.50
Georgia Tech-H +165 Louisville-A (3.55) 53
St. Johns-A +170 Butler-H (3.97) 51


Pistons-H +113 Kings-A +3.00 56.50



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