Going Back to Oakland for Game 5?

Nobody expected what happened at the Quickens Loans Arena in Game 3 at ATS STATS! It’s incredible the way the Golden State Warriors came to the Cleveland Cavaliers house to slap them in front of their people, live on television.

From the first quarter we saw how the Cavs had problems to score the first points. Starting the game in the second 0:03 Durant scores the first 2 points when receiving an assist by Draymond Green, all the play had been generated after Kyrie Irving failed a triple attempt blocked by Green. Already from those 3 seconds we could see the dominion that the defense of GSW had on the Cavs offensive.

There is no way to describe the suffering that the Cleveland Cavaliers players had, they were very nervous during the game and they were not connected to reality, with the exception of LeBron James, who tried to take advantage but lost the first quarter showing once that GSW is very superior.


The Quarters

As we said before, the first quarter was for GSW by 39 points against 32 of Cleveland Cavaliers. At ATS STATS we were seeing how intense the game was, but we realized that the players of GSW were much more relaxed, perhaps for the advantage they had at the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Cavs took the lead, but they could barely win the quarter by miserable point 29-28. The strategy of pressure on the part of GSW was giving result. In the second half Cleveland Cavaliers took the third quarter 33-22, but the final thrust came in the fourth quarter where GSW scored 29 points to stay with a humiliating 10-point lead, 29-19. The game ended 118-113.


LeBron James and his 39.

Again, for the third consecutive game, LeBron James scored more than 25 points in the series against Golden State Warriors that began on June 1st. In game 3, things were totally different for LeBron James, from the beginning he tried hard to get his team to score points and win the game, but he could not establish a difference of points with the Warriors, no more than 6 points throughout It was a humiliating thing for them. LeBron finished the game being led in scoring with 39 points and 9 assists, while Kevin Love got 13 rebounds.



Today is the number 4 game at the Cleveland Cavaliers home, and everything indicates that there is a chance that GSW sweeps the Cavs in their own home, as said by some bad predictions. The reality is that the Cavs have to give their best and prove that they are a strong team with great players, they have already come out of bad strakes worse than this.


The statistics 

The problem that the Cavs currently have is their underperformance when scoring points: Last 10 playoff games first throw performance is 55% on average, 45% in field goal, 36% in triples, in the first 36 minutes Irving and James score less than 5 triples between the two, Kyle Korver’s average is 8.4 triples with a 48%.


PICK: Cleveland Cavaliers +6