The Sports Betting Value Report-MLB

The Sports Betting Value Report


What is the Sports Betting Value Report?

The Sports Betting Value Report is a sports betting publication which identifies the best valued money line underdog plays on the betting board. Only games with an opening line of +150 or less are posted, the equivalent to a 40% or greater chance of winning.

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Value Play Opening Line Value Rating Win/Loss Margin Premium/Discount Projected Win% Current Line 50 VR Line Optimal Line
Reds-A +141 59 (0.09) (5%) 42% +134 +110 +155
Giants-A +147 58 (0.14) (12%) 41% +129 +117 +162
Braves-A +115 53 (0.11) (13%) 47% +100 +113 +127
Red Sox-A +108 51.50 +0.58 (8%) 48% +100 +100 +119
White Sox-A +116 49.50 (0.14) (12%) 47% +102 +117 +128
Mariners-A +100 46.50 (0.14) 9% 50% +109 +117 +110


Key Indicator= Considered a positive indicator for the Value Play for which it is assigned.

Value Play: Any Money Line Underdog with an opening betting line of +150 or lower. H=Home, A=Away

Opening Line: All opening lines are from the Las Vegas Westgate Super book.

Value Rating:  Our Value Rating is based on our team ranking system, our projected win/loss margin and the odds of the Underdog Money Line.  The Value Rating is based on the current line.  Key Indicator= 50 or greater

Win/Loss Margin: Our Projected win/loss margin by the underdog versus the favorite.  Key Indicator= (0.30 Points or less)

Note: The underdog does not have to have a winning margin in order for it to be considered a good value play

Premium/Discount: The percentage increase/decrease from the opening line to the current line. Key Indicator= 10% premium or greater.

Projected Win %: How likely the Value Play is to win the game outright based on the OPENING money line assigned by Las Vegas bookmakers.

Current Line: The current line at the time our report is released.  All lines are from Key Indicator= Green highlight indicates the current line is posted at the optimal line or better.

50 VR Line: The target line needed for the Value Play to have a Value Rating of 50 or greater. NA= Line is +200 and out of play.  Key Indicator= The 50 VR line indicates the line in which the Value Play represents a Value Rating of 50 or greater.  In this case, the current line will be greater than the 50 VR line and the 50 VR line will be highlighted in green.

Note: Many times the 50 VR Line will be the same as the optimal line.

Optimal Line: The target betting line needed in order for the Underdog to reach a Value Rating of 50 AND carry a 10% premium from the opening line.  Key Indicator= In this case the current line will be greater than the optimal line and the optimal line will be highlighted in green. NA= +200 and out of play