November 26th, 2017

Des Boodram



With six weeks left to gather points, I’m going to go ahead and say this is do or die week for many middle of the packers who now need to post positive numbers every week for the rest of the season.    Those at the bottom, are better suited at this point to take both calculated and uncalculated risks in hopes of posting a 7-0 week.  Everyone else — you are still alive but  barely.  Everything really has to work in your favor from here on out.  Those at the top of the standings, you have the luxury to sustain for 1-2 more weeks, but you can’t fall off not even once.  Eventually those in the top will be putting more time and effort into their picks (not that they haven’t been already) but the pack will start to separate.  It should be fun, and I’m super curious whether or not the winner of this thing will be a gamer we’ve been banging the drum on OR someone who comes out of the woodwork.  On to week 12.


Minnestoa -3 at Detroit
I know, I know… this game is over, but the field gets some props here… if you were extra ballsy and submitted ALL your picks on Thursday before Sunday’s injury reports came out than you were rewarded for the points you assigned for nailing the Minnesota pick.


Oakland -5 vs Denver


This makes sense when it was announced that Paxton Lynch would start this game.  But what if he lights it up?  It’s possible, and Oakland’s defense has one playmaker that’s it.  I don’t think Lynch goes Peterman in this game, but I do think the Denver defense is good enough to keep this game really close.  I’m fading this game personally, but understand the mindset.  The Broncos last win was 16-10 at home vs the Raiders and the Broncos have only scored over 20 points once since then.  The Raiders in that same period of time have only eclipsed 20 points twice… these are not offenses I trust.


New Orleans +2.5 at  Los Angeles


I get this one – and the field is all over this as well.  As good as both teams have been this season far exceeding all expectation even by their own fan bases, the Saints are still better both offensively and defensively.  It doesn’t matter how, it just matters that they are.  The Rams have a superior kicking game and special teams, but I’m taking Drew Brees over Jared Goff all day.  Both teams have strong running games, and I’m not sure how but the Saints are great against the pass.  A team in the past has been able to neutralize New Orleans with a great running game, which the Rams are capable of, but now New Orleans can do the same.  They can also shoot it out with a team, as they did in the 4th quarter last week.   The Saints are better on the road, and I get 2.5 points… sign me up.


Carolina -4.5 at Jets
This is a big spread to make up on the road but the field thinks the Panthers are up to task.  Greg Olsen returns for the Panthers who have been extremely efficient on both sides of the ball.  This team is getting healthy and they are peaking and will be a force to be reckoned with from here on out.   I think they roll up the Jets in this one.


OVER/UNDER SPECIAL   Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts 44 points


I’m taking the over all day long as both these defenses are terrible. This game will be played in a controlled environment, with both offenses clicking on all cylinders.  They scored 58 points earlier this season already, so unless Vegas knows something we don’t (which is a realistic possibility) this seems like an obvious OVER.  46-48 points would getting me thinking, but 44 just seems too low.  You can thank me laterJ