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April 16th, 2018


When you’re hot you’re hot –– three ZEROES due to last minute PPDs and I still cashed… not in everything, but in some 50/50s had generous cash lines AND it helped to minimized my losses.

Which brings me to my next point… the line ups that I post, OR players that I suggest, are based on matchups only, assuming the games and/or players actually play.  There are limited amount of reasons a game may not go on… namely weather this time of year, but there are several reasons a player may not play, and I am not responsible for that – but my sympathies are extended.  Let’s take a look at the slate for Monday – it could be an early classic.


SP – Blake Snell – Tampa Bay Rays

I cut Snell a bunch of slack as his first two starts were against the Yankeess and Red Sox respectively.  He didn’t kill it, but he didn’t get killed either.  His third start against the White Sox was amongst the best of the season by any pitcher thus far.  I like him just as much at home against an underachieving Texas team.  K rate should be high – that’s a good start for the price.


1B/C – Russell Martin – Toronto Blue Jays

I’m going with a low-end Blue Jays stack in this one, starting with Martin who hit’s lefties well.  Check his status before the game, but if he starts he should be able to rack multiple hits.  Besides I’m on record as saying the Jays are going to go deep multiple times in this one.


2B – D.J. Lemahieu – Colorado Rockies

I scoffed at Lemahieu on draft day, but I’m willing to own it… almost.  He just fills up the stat sheet with a nice combination of power and speed.  I like the matchup against Pittsburgh as well.


3B – Y. Solarte – Toronto Blue Jays

Solarte hasn’t posted a ZERO in fantasy yet his season, so I’m confident that streak will continue.  He’s a good price in a matchup that you already know that I think is favorable.


SS – A. Diaz – Toronto Blue Jays

He’s been super hot lately and I hate with a passion paying for last night’s stats.  I hope this isn’t the case, but the price combined with the matchup makes Diaz a worthy start here.


OF – Michael Conforto

I love the Mets at home to the Nationals this time around.  I think the Mets mean business this season, and they are tired of being bullied by the Nats.  The Mets only resolve is to come out swinging, and it starts with Conforto


OF – Charlie Blackmon

He’s a must play as long as he’s under $4500, which he is.  He has the potential to put up Trout numbers on a given night.  Maybe not over the course of the season, but Blackmon has all the power and speed necessary to post a number.  Plus, the matchup is nice.


OF – Kyle Schwarber – Chicago Cubs

I would love to work in more Cubs, but guys like Baez and Bryant are so expensive.  I’ll take my chances with Schwarber who has a juicy matchup at home.


Util – Justin Smoak – Toronto Blue Jays

He’s the final piece to my low budget stack, but there’s nothing “low budget” about Smoak.  He’s a pure HR hitter who needs to go yard to make it worth it.  Where there’s Smoak there’s fire !!