By Des Boodam


The weekend is here – and it’s time get busy living or get busy dying if you play season long fantasy baseball.  If you are in contention and chasing down the leader you may need help.  If you are in the lead and you feel the gap narrowing down in a slow suffocation you also need help.  In the daily game, there’s still money to be won, and you simply can’t ignore that.  If you are an expert at playing lineups and choosing which teams to stack up, than you should listen close.  Time is running out… the time is now… and any other one line cliché you can add that invokes a sense of urgency.


Marcus Semien:  SS – Oakland Athletics


The thing about Semien is that he’s been consistently good all year – but in terms of short stops, there just have been more that have been better, plus many of you paid a steep price for other short stops and aren’t willing to jump ship for a player like Semien.  He’s been the 4th best SS in majors over the last 30 days but only the 13th best overall behind the likes of Jurickson Profar and Tim Anderson.  Now I believe there’s space for him on your roster as he’s only 55% owned and can fill in for Didi Gregorius.  Jean Segura is banged up as well and Trea Turner at this point only offers SBs.  If there’s a need make it happen today!!


Ryan Zimmerman: 1B – Washington Nationals
The Nationals have most certainly waived the white flag after trading away both Daniel Murphy and Matt Adams.  This gives Zimmerman a spot in the line up for the rest of the season, and this team will be swinging away for the next 40 days.  I can see Zimmerman putting up monster numbers as he already has 6 bombs 21 RBIs and a .409 OBP in the last 30 days.  At 58% owned there’s got to be a spot for him somewhere for those who need power.  Speed is a wash, but the situation is still good.


Kendrys Morales: 1B – Toronto Blue Jays


Morales actually has a better schedule down the stretch.  He has more HRs and runs than Zimmeran, but plays in a worse lineup and could be bumped by September call-ups — if he plays he’s always a threat to hit bombs, and he’s an excellent play in the daily game, because he’s a cheap source of power AND he’ll get you points every game.


Willy Adames: 2B/SS – Tampa Bay Rays


He’s streaky, but he’s hot right now.  Has big games followed by clunkers, so you can play red/black on the fantasy roulette table if you want.  He has been more consistent of late and he contributes nicely in all offensive categories.  If you need to fill SS spots because you are way under on your limit, Adames makes a good spot start if you need a body in there.


Phillip Ervin: OF – Cincinnati Reds
Batting 5th, in a stacked lineup, in a hitter’s park sounds like a recipe for success and Ervin hasn’t failed to disappoint.  He’s not playing every day, but when he does, get him in there.  Power, speed, average and counting at a deep position are what Ervin offers.  In the Daily game he’s what GPPs dreams are made of.  I would take him over Nick Williams in Philadelphia right now.   Just think about it.