We are cocked, locked and ready to roll on this football season and the time is now.  If you are reading this, you likely know the deal, and are looking for a little intel before you make your final picks for the first week.  It’s a pretty tame week thus far – but the games themselves could bring the drama we all crave since gamers are falling in line currently … let’s take a look at what games the field is on right now.

WSOH-8 NFL Week 1 Consensus Picks

Here are the consensus picks from the World Series of Handicapping contest players.


Right now, the most chosen game outcome by all participants in this contest is a Kansas City win in Jacksonville by four or more points.  A field goal is no Bueno – so it’s safe to say the entire field, or at least a healthy majority think the Chiefs are going to roll in this one.  I believe they are as well, but I’m fading this game, because the Jaguars defensively are great, so great in fact that last year they were the only team to keep Patrick Mahomes out of the end zone.  That’s pretty impressive considering he was the league MVP.  The field doesn’t care however, they love this offense and they think Kansas City on the road will clear the line.  I’m fading only because the Jaguars offense with a new capable QB and a healthy Leonard Fournette could keep this game closer than Kansas City fans would want.


This one is confusing to me – because the Rams were in the Super Bowl last year, and he Panthers couldn’t make the playoffs.  What’s changed?  I believe people saw how locked down the Rams got in the Super Bowl and have written them off.  I say that would be a colossal mistake of epic proportions.  Nothing’s changed is the answer and the Super Bowl performance is more a testament to the New England Patriots defensive scheming.  The Ram’s win this game and cover – plus take the Over because both teams are going to pile on the scoring.


I get this one because it is a ton of points, but the line is the line, because of no Andrew Luck.  It would be about 3.5 if Luck was playing.  I think 6.5 is quite generous, and that the Chargers are actually going to steam roll the Colts in this one.  The Colts have a great team, but they aren’t going out west with a back-up, in the first game of the season with a new coach and being competitive.  The Charges are a polished group on both sides of the ball, and have Super Bowl aspirations – they ain’t messing around.


This one makes sense, especially if you are on the band-wagon that thinks the Browns are over-hyped this season.  I don’t know if the Browns are over-hyped or not, but I know Baker Mayfield is legit, and can throw that ball accurately.  He’s a winner and a leader, and something the Browns haven’t had in a 25 years.  With that said, a Browns cover would not be surprising, but we forget that the Titans have an experienced QB as well in Marcus Mariota and a veteran team on both sides of the ball.  This line is about right, but too close to put on my check list, so I’ll pass.  The Titans will be without their best offensive linemen this week, and that could be problematic for the Tennessee running game.  Something feels off with the Titans right now, and this Cleveland cover simply makes them 1-0 let’s not crown them with a play-off berth let alone a Super Bowl.