The first week of the NFL season is in the books, which means the first week of the now infamous World Series of Handicapping contest is now in the books, and boy do we need to anchor down on some major observations from Week 1.  It seems many of us have some rust to shake off, while others appear to have picked up right where they left off.  Either way – there’s never a bad time to get a refresher course, after all, we want to be a resource for as you make your picks for Week 2 and beyond.


Tips for the show – here are a couple of simple tips for the contest as you approach it every week, that are most likely to be a refresher for most of you.  There are others that are new to the contest and will also need to figure it out.

WSOH Contest Tips

DO YOUR RESEARCH – you are not going to wake up and roll-over into instant success in game selection.  It’s difficult enough to do it straight up, let alone against the spread.   You have to read-up on the odds, know game day injuries, weather, over/number totals, how teams perform as underdogs vs. favorites… am I saying too much hear?  IF you put in your work, you are more likely to have consistency in your scoring.  Thanks me later.


GET YOUR PICKS RIGHT – you have to make picks and get them right based on your research.  Pay attention to game flow, and what teams have to play for.  Look at past records and player performances… and make your choices with conviction.


ASSIGN CONFIDENCE LEVEL POINTS ACCURATELY – it’s one thing to get your picks right, it’s a totally different thing to get two wrong and be further down in the standings than someone else who got three or more wrong.  It happens every week without fail, it’s only because the way we assign confidence level picks is a little off.  In this contest you get NEGATIVE POINTS FOR WRONG ANSWERS.  With that being said if you choose 7 outcomes, and assign a confidence value from 1-7 with 7 being the game you are most confident about, then make sure you get your 6 and 7 confidence assignments correctly.  There’s nothing worse than going 6-1 with another person and their one loss had a confidence assignment of one while yours had a value of 7… it happens but all of this can be avoided with a little thought.


Props to pjs444 who landed a 6-1 week for a total of 25.80 points a full 8 points higher than WSOH staple Madcow1120.  Other competitors finished 6-1 as well, but clearly struggled with confidence assignments.  On to WEEK 2.  Pjs444 is not a member however so everyone ping him and tell him to become a membership.  The prizes only qualify if the weekly and annual winner are members.  Keep having fun though!!    Don’t for get to look out for the week 2 preview coming out later this week.