By Des Boodam


Just like that the World Series of Handicapping contest has come and is now gone!!  A champion is crowned, competitors have been humbled, Vegas still sits on her mighty throne, and the competition continues to be paramount in what may be the most challenging handicapping contest online.   Many have taken the challenge, and most have fallen, while only a handful have pushed through with winning records and a positive point total.  The final week brought little drama, but in all fairness it would’ve been difficult to match all the moving and jiving that went on in Week 16.  Either way it’s over and for those that were close, we are left on with our thoughts, which can be a dangerous thing.  Letting our minds enter to that dark place where we ask “what could’ve been”… or “if only” … as we play out our bad decisions and bad beats throughout the season.  Personally I am happy to have shown incremental improvement this year versus last year, but the overall effort simply isn’t good enough, and much more improvement is a necessity.  It’s time now gamers to put aside all negative thoughts and pay tribute to the weekly winners, the 7-0 gamers, Las Vegas odds makers and of course our over all WSOH champion for 2018.    There’s no room for ill-will here folks, so let’s hug it out, and give credit where credit is due.


Well, in a relatively uneventful week 17, I am still forced to give out props.  Out of the top 5 points scorers in week 17 only one of them finished in the top 10 overall.  Croatian Sharp 2 finished 3rd in Week 17 with a 5-2 record and 21.80 points.  This was enough to sky rocket up the standings and finish third overall in the whole competition.  From initial glance a 3rd place finish in this contest deserves mad props, but in reality they were mathematically out of it, and so made that final leap frog in figurative Garbage Time.  More props to the actual week winners tconnell17 and axsmithsports who both finished with a 6-1 record, but more importantly 23.80 points to lead the contest.  It’s amazing to me that so many players this week showed out so well after living almost the entire season in mediocrity… I’m talking to myself as well having finished 5-2 in week 17 with the third highest score, but was never in contention. Yay mediocrity.


The biggest of props now will go to bruin7 who finished the contest off in week 17 with a 5-2 record and 7 points and a 14.40 point increase from week 16 to bring the total margin of victory to  over 20 points finishing ahead of Fred14 who had their 2nd consecutive rough week.  After controlling the top of the standings for most of the season, Fred14 relinquished their lead incrementally every week which was hard to watch… unless you are bruin7, who brought the funk and finished strong, especially over the last two weeks.    Congrats to bruin7 on staying with it through the entire season, and completing the comeback… YOU ARE THE 2018 WORLD SERIES OF HANDICAPPING CHAMPION.