By Des Boodam


Let’s goooooooooo!!!! As we head into the penultimate week of the 2018 NFL season, I must say it’s been tremendous fun.  There have been more downs than ups for me this season, but I embrace the contest and all that it entails.  This week, is the week of risk taking for pretty much all of us.  It’s time to go 7-0 and collect that check.  Let’s be cool, calm and shrewd and make this happen.  The World Series of Handicapping contest has gotten the best of many of us – but now your NFL picks have to count.  Time pull out every cliché you can think of and finish your crappy round of golf with 275 yard drive straight down the middle of the 18th fairway and a tap in for the bird.  I love where the field is going this week.


Falcons +3 at Panthers


Matt Ryan vs some scrub QB with maybe no Julio Jones.  I still think the Falcons pull this off and so I like the field here.  Christian McCaffery will be marginalized with a back up QB, and the Panthers are going to mail this one in.  If Julio plays, it’s a slam dunk.


Buffalo +12.5 at New England
I love the Patriots but they don’t have it this year and any rational fan would agree.  I’m afraid they could lose this game with Josh Allen as the QB.  The Pats struggle with running QBs and long drives eat up the clock and mitigate blowouts.  Buffalo covers in this one.


Jaguars +4.5 at Miami


Not sure what the field is thinking on this one.  I’m going with Tannehill at home, with a healthy receiving unit and depth at the RB position.  I think this game is close, but to the hold a confidence level as high as this game is holding is baffling.  I’m fading this one – but don’t blame the risk takers for taking a shot.


Bengals +7 at Cleveland


Well, I’ve seen the Bengals get 9 points in some places and I thought this was a no brainer, but I went back and looked at the BROWNS six wins thus far, and they are quite impressive.  There are a couple double-digit wins in there including one in Cincinnati.  Not sure how the Bengals improve on that, but Vegas believes they will and the field agrees.  This is another fade for me, but I’d play if the spread was 9 points.


Tampa Bay +7 at Cowboys


I believe the the Bucs are going to get absolutely steam rolled in this one.  The Cowboys will jump out to an early lead AND than it will be the Zeke show.  The Cowboys need this win as well, so they will hold nothing back.  Going against the field on this one… and I typically have disdain for the entire NFC EAST.




At first I thought I’m all over the Cardinals on this one, and the field agrees.  I now change my mind.  In the last 6 games the Cardinals have won one single solitary game, and it is honestly the most dumbfounding win I may have every seen at Green Bay.  In the other five games, all of which were losses, they were hosed in four of them – with the only game that was within one score being against the hopeless Raiders.  Their only two wins this season have been against the 49ers which is a whole new level of sad.  The Rams beat them 34-0 earlier in the season, so this spread seems generous.  Despite the recent struggles of LA – I’m going with them to cover.  I want a record number of 7-0 postings this week.