By Des Boodam


With one week left for all combatants to make their NFL picks I am stoked at what has become of this year’s competition.  For the last 6-7 weeks – it seemed as though one player was pretty zoned in and the field just couldn’t catch up.  Now that sentiment no longer exists, as that we have two players zoned in, but also in survival mode, and a few other in the field that have crept up and are in striking distance.  The horses are definitely bunching down the stretch and with a few others having an outside shot, Week 17 is going to be very exciting.  What will perpetuate this excitement is the fact that a bunch of teams have nothing to play for other than draft position and another handful of accomplished teams are already on the record as saying they will rest starters.  Who knows what will happen as these game outcomes could be bananas.  This is my penultimate recap, so let’s hand out props.


We had five teams finish with a 6-1 record and another player finish with a 6-0-1 record in week 16… and with that it all comes down to how you assign your confidence points.  Some messed up their highest value and others their lowest, but I have to stay true to myself, and give props to the two WORLD SERIES OF HANDICAPPING warriors that persevered in WEEK 16.  Both Wasted24 and Hawkdawg finished with the same record and 25.90 points meaning they assigned the same confidence point to their only loss.  This is quite impressive as they both took two different ways to get there.  Waisted24 opted to go with a couple of over/under games that they promptly nailed and Hawkdawg picked all 7 of theirs against the spread.  In fact the in the top 10, unlike most weeks, there was no rhyme or reason to a players success, as there was a hodge-podge of variations and confidence assignments.


Here’s where I can give props to our overall leaders.  Bruin7 made up 22 points on Fred14 this week erasing a 16 point deficit in one failed swoop to take a 6 point lead.  This is huge gamers, as Fred14 has been untouchable for weeks.  They did pull a major choke job finishing with -1.10 points for the week while Bruin7 was the only player to finish without a loss (6-0-1).  Does this mean Fred14 is finito??  Absolutely not… the same thing could happen in their favor this week.  From the outside looking in, it appears that it’s a two-horse race – but don’t ever count out Allredb1… who is only 26 points off the lead.  They will need to post a number, but if the top two epically fail, things could get interesting.  Also because Faolchu, Sdiddy, Croatian Sharp 2, and Waisted24 are all mathematically in it.  Everyone above them would have to fail miserably but it could happen, and just did happen in Week 16.  What about our friend PunchFaceJenkins you ask???  Currently they sit at 57 points meaning they would need to post a 7-0 record for a season total of 85 points and everyone else above them would have to score less than 20 points while the top two would have to post negative scores of -21 and -15 respectively.  I don’t see this happening, but technically they are still in it.


Good luck gamers.