By Des Boodam


Well – this is the last hoorah for many of you this season.  The NFL contest is on the brink of being over… for this season anyway, and many of us have nothing to show.  A record in the middle of the season, no cash, no accolades… nothing.  We are caught pick’em purgatory and have but one more chance to make something happen.  We can make some noise or fade away into oblivion… you choose.  Like every week, I’m putting my all into my picks.  I’m doing my research, reading my blogs, listening to my podcasts all in an effort to bring forth a 7-0 week.  Will this be the week?  You will have to see my recap next Tuesday, but my feeling is that the last two weeks of the season are the easiest to call.  I was 5-1-1 last week, and that wasn’t an accident as there were some Sunday roster moves that happened well after the lines were set.  This week, I see some similar angles, but let’s see what the field is saying.


CHICAGO +5 at Minnesota


This is a major trap game, and I’m shocked the field is falling for it.  The Bears having nothing to play for.  They are locked into their seeding unable to move up or down.  The Vikings have everything to play for including a playoff spot.    Philadelphia is going to win their game forcing the Vikings into a win and your in scenario.  The Vikings are at home, and the Bears who have to play next week gain nothing from playing their starters.  Minnesota covers with ease.


FALCONS +1.5 at Tampa Bay


I’m rolling with the Falcons in this one as well.  They are a better team than the Bucs, and both have looked like opposites in the past two weeks.  Falcons look healthier on defense, and the Bucs look banged up, and checked out on both sides of the ball.  I’ll take Matt Ryan and his support crew over Jameis Winston all day.




I’m fading this game and here’s why.  The Steelers have looked great offensively for the past 5 weeks, and will be desperately fighting for that last playoff spot.  They have the potential to just go into this game and run up the score in frustration.  The Bengals are a mess and though that spread is huge I could see the Steelers covering here.  This is by no means an easy cover for the Bengals, though it’s super tempting, because it’s so big.




I like the Giants in this one.  Eli and company have been playing some good ball lately, and are competitive in every game.  I don’t think that a Cowboys team chalked full of back ups can cover this spread.  It’s a touchdown…. And the Giants will step in and take this game, while the Cowboys want nothing to do with travelling to New York..