Who is Ron Raymond?

Since 1996, Ron Raymond is a pioneer in the Online Sports Handicapping industry and is the creator and founder of such sites as World Series of Handicapping, ATS STATS and Phoenix Sports Ticket! In fact, Ron Raymond has 4 MAJOR NFL handicapping contest titles to his name and went 15-2 ATS in 2000 with his College and Pro Football BEST BET contest picks!

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Will this Book Help me Win at Sports Betting?

Absolutely, not only will this book help you win on a daily basis, it will give you years of experience and knowledge right at your finger tips! Ron Raymond has known and learned from some of the best gamblers of all times; such as Mike Lee (Vegas Legend), Bobby Bryde (Hockey Meister) Russ Culver (Las Vegas Bookmaker), Greg Dempson (NFL Gambling Historian) and many more respected industry leaders. Ron Raymond’s early trials and errors are your gain; he will help you avoid the traps and mistakes the average sports bettor is making day in and day out.

Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets will make you an educated and superior sports bettor as well as make you look like a genius around family and friends. When you start winning on a daily basis, you earn more money, have a higher self esteem and you WILL gain confidence in your every day life. For instance, how do you feel when you run into a long losing streak? It’s the worst feeling in the world, right? I’ve been there, you have a low self esteem, no confidence in your own decision making and you avoid talking about your sports betting because you’re embarrassed to say you lost again! However, with Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets, you will now have access to the top ways of making money and people will be coming up to you for advice and your picks.


Improve your Chances of Winning the NFL Office Pool this Year

With the NFL season upon us, many will be entering an NFL office pool. What better way to start the year than to spring into the lead and make some early cash by winning the weekly prize. Because of the various contest formats such as picking the winner straight up and making picks using the point spread, different betting strategies come into play on a weekly basis. Some will pick all the home teams or all of the away teams; others will take all of the favorites or all of the underdogs. Several of Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets focus on the NFL office pool and how to avoid the common mistakes. In this book, Ron shows you the best way to make your office pool picks using his 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets!



Here’s a sneak preview of 2 of Ron’s Greatest Sports Betting Secrets and Tips and you can expect more gems like this from the book.

A) First Game on the Las Vegas & Offshore Schedule (Silver Bullet Trap Line of the Week): Every week, the Las Vegas and offshore Sportsbooks release their official NFL and College football (CFB) odds schedules. Keep an eye out on the first game at the top of the NFL and College Football schedule; this is usually the “Silver Bullet Trap Line of the Week”. The reason I call it the “Silver Bullet Trap Line of the Week“, the Sportsbooks need that one bullet to kill your parlay and if they can make the first game on your ticket, then they’ve done their job. Keep in mind, the Sportsbooks will review the games going on that week and try to find the easiest game to trap the BETTING public. Again, you need to have a sharp eye; as the “Silver Bullet Trap Line of the Week” could be a total!


Think about it, when you bring up the weekly NFL or College Football schedule, the Sportsbooks know it’s the first game you’re going to review on the Nevada rotation, and your instinct will tell you “subconsciously”, easy game to pick. Plus, the Sportsbooks know if you’re betting parlays, you’re going to include that first game at the top of the schedule in your parlay and from a Sportsbooks point of view, if they can kill your parlay with your first pick, then their job is over! To the Sportsbook, that first game they put at the top on a busy College Football Saturday and that first game at the top on a busy NFL Sunday, that’s the game they want the silver bullet to kill your parlay.

B) Ron’s Rule of Thumb of Parlay Betting: If you’re a parlay type bettor that likes to bet the total and side of a game, here’s a piece of advice. If you bet on the Favorite, take the OVER. If you like the UNDERDOG, take the UNDER. The logic behind this theory is simple. For example: when a team is favored by 7 points or more with an OVER of 44.5, all you need is for the underdog to get up ahead or stay in the game as long as they can. Because the favorite is more likely to catch up and put up some points on the board, the percentage is good to cover the over. As for the dog, if they can keep the favorite off the board, the percentage of the UNDER and dog covering is on your side.