Sports Handicapper: Ross Benjamin

About Ross Benjamin
Ross Benjamin has made his reputation in the sports handicapping industry by being one of the sharpest prognosticators over the last 17 years. Included in professional sports handicapper Ron Raymond’s 2008 published book “50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets” he probably says it best. “One of the most underrated and sharpest sports handicappers I know is Ross Benjamin”.

Ross’ sports betting advice is simple yet prophetic. “if you want to be a successful sports handicapper then start by thinking like a bookmaker”.

Ross has been publicly in the sports betting industry full time since early 2003 and has never looked back. Any Google search on Ross Benjamin Sports reaffirms his commitment to winning, professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

Ross is currently a featured sports betting writer and video analyst for OSGA. He has been in that role since 2017. Additionally, Ross is a former writer/video analyst for Sportsbook Review from 2011 to 2017 However, there’s nothing Ross enjoys more than picking winners in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, and NCAA Basketball. He’s met that challenge and passed the test for the last 18 years running.

Ross is the past winner of the “Playbook Invitational Football Wise Guy Contest” while also finishing in the Top 5 on 3 other separate occasions.

Below is a list of more sports handicapping achievements by Ross Benjamin.

•#1-2010-2011 NCAA Basketball Regular Season: 116-77 (60.1%) at Sports Watch
•#6-2011 March Madness- 28-21 (57.1%) at Sports Watch
•#1-2008 March Madness: 29-17 (63%) at the Oklahoma Sports Monitor.
•#1-2007 NFL Playoffs in Net Profit: 9-2 (81.8%) at the Oklahoma Sports Monitor.
•#1-NHL 2005-2006 Season at Big Guy Sports Monitor.
•#1-2003 College Football Season:  45-23 (66.2%) at Sportswire.
•#7-2015 MLB Season at Sportscapping.
•#3-2014/2015 NHL Season at Sportscapping.
•#6-2012 NFL Preseason at Sportscapping.
•#7-2011/2012 NHL Season at Sportscapping.
•#8-2011 NFL Season at Sportscapping.
•#2-2011 NFL Preseason at Sportscapping.
•#9-2010 NFL Season at Sportscapping.        
•Former sports betting analyst on the Bob Mathews Show on WHAM 1180 AM in Rochester, New York every Thursday night during the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 football seasons.
•Weekly guest on the Sam and Brad Show on WAKR 1590 AM in Akron, Ohio during the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 football seasons.
•Host of The Ross Benjamin Show: From 09/12 to 03/13 on Sports Talk Radio 1280 AM WHTK in Rochester, New York (current call letters are Fox Sports AM 1280)                    
•Host of Winning Sports Advice in 2012 on Blog Talk Radio.
•Host of Ross Benjamin Show on Sports Journey Network from April,2009 to July, 2010
•Host of Phoenix Sports Ticket Radio Show in 2006

Additional Guest Radio Appearances since 2007
•KFNS AM 590 "The Fan"-St. Louis, Missouri
•WAXY AM 790 ESPN- Miami, Florida
•WHBQ AM 560- Memphis, Tennessee
•WHTK AM 1280- Rochester, New York (Friday drive time hour)
•WJOX AM 690- Birmingham. Alabama
•KTIK AM 1350 ESPN-Boise, Idaho
•WJDX AM 620-Jackson, Mississippi
•CKST AM 1040-Vancouver, British Columbia (aired during the Jim Rome Show)
•KTKR AM 760 "The Ticket"-San Antonio, Texas
•KZNS AM 1280 "The Zone" Salt Lake City, Utah  
•Locker Room Picks Show (Pilot-2013) hosted by Jennifer X. Williams for the CBS Sports Network.

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Ross Benjamin's Previous 25 Picks
No Date Title Game Pick Units Result Status
1 12/01/22 Ross’ CBB Total of the Week Creighton
Creighton (Over 141) 400 -$440 Lost

2 11/30/22 Ross’ NBA Underdog of the Night Indiana Pacers
Sacramento Kings
Indiana Pacers (+4.5) 300 -$330 Lost

3 12/01/22 Ross’ Thursday NFL Golden Total Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots
New England Patriots (Under 43.5) 300 $300 Win

4 11/21/22 Ross’ Monday NBA Super Betting Angle New York Knicks
Oklahoma City Thunder
Oklahoma City Thunder (-2.5) 200 -$220 Lost

5 11/20/22 Ross’ Sunday NFL Primetime Cash Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers
Los Angeles Chargers (+4.5) 300 $300 Win

6 11/20/22 Ross’ Sunday NFL 26-2 ATS Super Angle Carolina Panthers
Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Ravens (-12.5) 300 -$330 Lost

7 11/20/22 Ross’ Sunday NFL Early Wise Guy $$$ Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) 300 $300 Win

8 11/20/22 Ross’ NFL 10* Game of the Year Dallas Cowboys
Minnesota Vikings
Dallas Cowboys (-1.5) 500 $500 Win

9 11/19/22 Ross’ NBA Game of the Night Utah Jazz
Portland Trail Blazers
Utah Jazz (4.0) 400 $400 Win

10 11/18/22 Ross' Friday Night Lights $$$ San Diego State Aztecs
New Mexico Lobos
San Diego State Aztecs (-14.5) 300 $300 Win

11 11/17/22 Ross’ NFL Thursday Primetime $$$ Tennessee Titans
Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers (-3.0) 300 -$330 Lost

12 11/16/22 Ross’ NBA 3-Game Wise Guy $$$ Package Indiana Pacers
Charlotte Hornets
Indiana Pacers (3.0) 300 $300 Win

13 11/16/22 Ross’ NBA 3-Game Wise Guy $$$ Package Boston Celtics
Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics (-2.0) 300 $300 Win

14 11/16/22 Ross’ NBA 3-Game Wise Guy $$$ Package New York Knicks
Denver Nuggets
Denver Nuggets (-3.0) 300 -$330 Lost

15 11/13/22 Ross’ NFL 3-Game Wise Guy Package Indianapolis Colts
Las Vegas Raiders
Las Vegas Raiders (-4.5) 300 -$330 Lost

16 11/13/22 Ross’ NFL 3-Game Wise Guy Package Dallas Cowboys
Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers (+3.5) 300 $300 Win

17 11/13/22 Ross’ NFL 3-Game Wise Guy Package Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams
Arizona Cardinals (+2.5) 300 $300 Win

18 11/13/22 Ross’ NFL Total of the Week Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs
Jacksonville Jaguars (Over 51.5) 300 -$330 Lost

19 11/13/22 Ross’ NFL Sunday Morning $$$ Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Seattle Seahawks (+2.5) 300 -$330 Lost

20 11/12/22 Ross’ CFB 3-Game Dominator Alabama Crimson Tide
Mississippi Rebels
Alabama Crimson Tide (-11.5) 300 -$330 Lost

21 11/12/22 Ross’ CFB 3-Game Dominator Central Florida Golden Knights
Tulane Green Wave
Tulane Green Wave (-1.5) 300 -$330 Lost

22 11/12/22 Ross’ CFB 3-Game Dominator Northwestern Wildcats
Minnesota Golden Gophers
Minnesota Golden Gophers (-17) 300 $300 Win

23 11/12/22 Ross’ CFB Total of the Week South Carolina Gamecocks
Florida Gators
South Carolina Gamecocks (Over 59.5) 300 -$330 Lost

24 11/12/22 Ross’ CFB Big 12 Game of the Year Texas Christian Horned Frogs
Texas Longhorns
Texas Longhorns (-7.5) 500 -$550 Lost

25 11/13/22 Ross’ NFL 10* Top Play of the Week Cleveland Browns
Miami Dolphins
Cleveland Browns (+3.5) 500 -$550 Lost