‘Now He’s A Legend’: Andre De Grasse Wins Olympic Gold in Men’s 200m

After winning an Olympic gold in the men’s 200-meter race, Andre De Grasse has established himself as a legend. The Canadian fought stiff competition from Kenneth Bednarek of the USA, who had to settle for silver. Moreover, De Grasse also managed a national record time of 19.62 seconds.   

He became the first Canadian since Percy Williams won men’s 200-meter Gold in 1928. Bednarek also managed a personal best time of 19.68. The tournament’s Bronze went to another American, Noah Lyles, who clocked 19.74 seconds. Erriyon Knighton, a talented 17-year-old American, came in fourth in 19.92 seconds. 

De Grasse’s win came after he had won Bronze in the 100-meter men’s final. The Canadian claimed that he knew he had done it when he looked at the scoreboard and saw the camera was on him. Moreover, he claimed that it was an amazing feeling to win Gold and clock a personal best. 

Earlier, when speaking to Betway Insider, De Grasse claimed that he was proud of representing his country. He also revealed that he was aware that his performances usually inspire kids in schools. In this regard, his performance in the 200-meter final was inspiring. 

De Grasse Has Won a Medal in Each Event

The 26 –year-old Canadian now has five Olympic medals to his name. He has also won a medal in each event he has participated in more than two games. However, he was really looking forward to winning Gold. The 200-meter men’s final was his moment, and he took it with both arms. 

After the race, he revealed that he knew the Americans would run hard bends. Therefore, he knew he had to go off the bend, and he kept pumping his arms. 

There Was another Canadian in the Race

There were two Canadians in the 200m final for the first time since 1928. De Grasse’s fellow Canadian finished sixth in the race in 20.20 seconds. After the race, Brown revealed a picture of his wife and son, hidden under his bib for the race. 

De Grasse’s win also marked the first time in 93 years that a Canadian won Gold in the men’s 200 meters at the Olympics. After the race, the new Canadian legend took off his running shoes as he walked around the track clothed in a maple leaf. 

He later posed in front of hundreds of photographers covering the event before making his way to a screen in the press area. Moreover, Nia Ali, his partner, and his children were celebrating his achievement wildly. 

De Grasse Emerges From Bolt’s Shadow

In Rio five years ago, De Grasse won silver in the same event in 20.02 seconds. He ran the race in the shadow of arguably the greatest sprinter of all time. Usain Bolt won Gold in all the races he took part in during the Olympics in Rio. In total, Bolt collected eight Olympic gold medals. 

One of the highlights of the Rio Olympics was the mutual respect and admiration for each other. After Bolt retired, the door swung wide open for De Grasse and blasted through it. 

It Was Tough

De Grasse also revealed that it took hard work to get to the top of the world. He claimed that he trained six days a week, twice a day. As a result, the Canadian claimed he felt mentally and physically prepared for the race.    

His win also made him the first athlete not named Usain Bolt to win the 200-meter title since Beijing in 2008. Additionally, the Canadian’s injury woes and illness made his Gold medal sweeter. 

The race was open until the final 40 meters, when the race started swaying towards the Canadian. He overhauled Lyles and Bednarek in the straight. The USA last won the event in 2004. During the event, they swept the medals, and Lyles had established themselves since 2018 as a top 200-meter sprinter in the world. 

Heading to the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, Lyle had the best time in the world of 19.74 seconds that he set during the US Olympic trials. All his country’s hopes were on him to end the long wait for medals in the event. 

However, he could only manage Bronze. Lyle claimed he was proud of his performance. Bednarek was not happy with his performance. He came into the tournament in the form of his life after registering a personal best of 19.78 seconds in the US Olympic trials.   

After the race, Bednarek claimed that it did not go as he had planned. He stated that he had planned to lead the whole race; unfortunately, it did not happen. Nevertheless, he believes he can build on the Silver medal he won. 

At the moment, De Grasse has confirmed to the world that he is in the race to succeed Usain Bolt as the King of short races. But, in Canada, he is now a legend!