Inside the CFB Numbers 112923

College Football Showdown: Oregon vs. Washington & Oklahoma State vs. Texas

Going into this weekend's college football matchups, we have Oregon taking on Washington and Oklahoma State clashing with Texas. These games feature top-performing teams with impressive records this season. Our analysis, based on the Raymond Report Card, will shed light on each team's winning odds, scoring forecasts, and performance in various sports betting market scenarios.

Oregon (-9.5) vs. Washington (66.5)

  • Teams and Grades: Oregon (A-Type), Washington (A-Type)
  • Chances of Winning (COW): Oregon at 74.47%, Washington at 25.53%
  • Forecasted Score: Oregon 37.23, Washington 27.32
  • Home and Away Record: Both teams are dominant at home, with Oregon (7-0) and Washington (7-0). On the road, Oregon has a slight edge (4-1) over Washington (4-0).
  • Performance Against Types: Both teams excel against all types, but Oregon has a perfect record against C-Type teams (10-0), while Washington has an impressive record against A-Type teams (9-0).
  • Value Index: Oregon is Bullish (25 days), and Washington is also Bullish but with a longer duration (88 days).
  • DMVI: Oregon’s DMVI is at -9.75, indicating potential overvaluation, while Washington’s 5.67 DMVI suggests undervaluation.
  • Betting Recommendation: 1 unit for Oregon, 2 units for Washington.

Oklahoma State (56.0) vs. Texas (-15)

  • Teams and Grades: Oklahoma State (A-Type), Texas (A-Type)
  • Chances of Winning (COW): Oklahoma State at 0%, Texas at 87.93%
  • Forecasted Score: Oklahoma State 20.22, Texas 35.86
  • Home and Away Record: Oklahoma State has a strong home record (5-1) but is less consistent away (3-2). Texas is dominant both at home (6-1) and away (5-0).
  • Performance Against Types: Both teams are strong against all types, with Texas showing a slight edge, especially against B-Type teams (9-1).
  • Value Index: Oklahoma State is Neutral (8 days), while Texas is in a Bullish cycle (25 days).
  • DMVI: Oklahoma State’s DMVI stands at 4.5, suggesting slight undervaluation, whereas Texas’ -11.13 indicates potential overvaluation.
  • Betting Recommendation: 4 units for Oklahoma State, 2 units for Texas.

Looking ahead to this weekend's college football games, we anticipate intense battles between well-matched teams. Oregon and Washington, both in formidable form, are set to clash in a highly anticipated game. Oklahoma State faces a challenging contest against a dominant Texas team, setting the stage for a potentially thrilling underdog story. These matchups are not just a showcase of athletic prowess but also offer intriguing considerations for sports fans and bettors alike.