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Stadium Showdowns: How Elite Teams Truly Fare on Home Ground

College Football Teams Value Report: An Analysis

When evaluating college football teams, understanding their performance against various tiers of teams can be an invaluable tool for both analysts and bettors. The Raymond Report tracks such data, classifying teams into three categories:

  • Tier 1 Teams (A): Above average teams with 60% or above performance.
  • Tier 2 Teams (B): Average teams with a performance ranging between 50% to 59.9%.
  • Tier 3 Teams (C): Below average teams with performance below 49.9%.

Our analysis focuses on five Division 1 football teams: Clemson, Florida State, Maryland, North Carolina State, and Duke. Let's start by breaking down their line values when playing home or away against A, B, and C type teams.

RankTeamsTypeHome Vs AHome Vs BHome Vs CRoad Vs ARoad Vs BRoad Vs C
2Florida StateA-6-14.19-16.38-4.5-4.75NAN
4North Carolina StateA-8.88-6.7-15.2-7.75-1-6.08

Now, let's take a deeper dive into each team's performance in their last ten home games against A-type teams.

1. Clemson

Clemson, with an average line of -10.6, had a somewhat mixed bag of results. In their last ten home games against A-tier teams, they covered the spread 4 times. Their straight-up record was slightly better, with 6 wins out of 10.

2. Florida State

With a line average of -6 when playing at home against A-type teams, Florida State covered the spread in only 2 of their last 7 matches. The straight-up win record mirrored their against the spread (ATS) performance, with only 2 wins out of 7.

3. Maryland

Maryland had an average line of -3 in their last 8 matches against A-tier teams at home. Their ATS record was 3-5, but their straight-up record was less impressive with only 1 win out of 7.

4. North Carolina State

North Carolina State's ATS record at home against A-tier teams was positive with 5 wins out of 8 matches. Their straight-up performance was even better, boasting 6 wins.

5. Duke

Duke had a challenging series of home games against A-tier teams with an average line of -4.25. Covering the spread in 4 of their 7 games, their straight-up record was less impressive with only 2 wins.

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This in-depth analysis of the five teams provides valuable insights into their performance against top-tier teams. While each team had its moments, consistency at home against the best competitors varied. Bettors should consider such historical data when evaluating potential wagers, as understanding a team's performance against top-tier competitors can offer a more comprehensive view of their true strengths and weaknesses.

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