Winnipeg Blue Bombers

2023 Season Recap: Winnipeg Blue Bombers – Dominance in the CFL

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers completed their 2023 CFL season with a formidable record of 15-5 SU (Straight Up), 12-8-0 ATS (Against The Spread), and an OVER/UNDER record of 14-6-0. This performance underscored their dominance throughout the league, consistently outmatching opponents and often exceeding scoring expectations.

Season Overview:
The Blue Bombers' season was marked by high-scoring games and solid defensive play, allowing them to maintain a leading position in the league standings. Their capability to manage games under various conditions played a significant role in their successful season.

Key Games and Betting Insights:

  • Week 1 vs. Hamilton: Started the season strong with a 42-31 victory, covering the -5.5 spread and going over the total of 47.5.
  • Week 2 at Saskatchewan: Overpowered Saskatchewan 45-27 on the road, surpassing the 6.5-point spread and pushing the total over.
  • Week 3 vs. British Columbia: Suffered a rare home defeat, losing 6-30 and failing to cover the -6.0 spread, with the total staying under.
  • Week 5 vs. Calgary: Secured a 24-11 win, covering the -8.5 spread and keeping the total under 46.5.
  • Week 7 vs. Edmonton: Although winning 28-14 and maintaining a solid defense, did not cover the large -15.5 point spread.
  • Week 9 vs. British Columbia: A resounding 50-14 victory at home, easily covering the -6.0 spread and pushing the total over.
  • Week 10 at Edmonton: Outscored Edmonton 38-29, although the game saw Edmonton cover the 12-point spread.
  • Week 12 vs. Montreal: Dominated Montreal 47-17, covering the -7.5 spread and driving the total over.
  • Week 14 vs. Saskatchewan: Decisively beat Saskatchewan 51-6, covering the -8.5 spread and pushing the total over the high set line.
  • Week 17 vs. Toronto: A strong performance with a 31-21 win, covering the -2.5 spread and achieving the total over.
  • Week 20 vs. Edmonton: Another commanding home game, winning 45-25 and covering the -12.5 spread, with the total going over.
  • Week 21 at Calgary: Solidified their dominance with a 36-13 win as 2.5-point underdogs, pushing the total over.

Season Analysis:
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers' 2023 season was characterized by their potent offense and sturdy defense, which allowed them to outscore opponents and often cover the spread. Their performance on both ends of the field was a testament to their preparation and execution throughout the season.

Looking Ahead to the 2024 Season: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Roster and Expectations
As the Winnipeg Blue Bombers gear up for the 2024 CFL season, they are set to build on their impressive 2023 campaign with a deep and talented roster. Key adjustments and strategic depth in player positions promise to keep the Bombers competitive.

Key Offensive Players and Strategy:

  • Quarterback: Chris Streveler, Eric Barriere, and Terry Wilson will handle quarterback duties during the preseason and possibly beyond, as Zach Collaros, the starting quarterback, will not play in the preseason due to being marked out.
  • Running Back: With Brady Oliveira out, Johnny Augustine and Chris Smith will lead the backfield, supported by Jonathan Rosery, providing robust options for the ground game.
  • Wide Receiver: Kenny Lawler remains a primary target, supported by Kevens Clercius and Peter Afful. Drew Wolitarsky and Abdul-Karim Gassama add depth to the receiving corps.
  • Fullback: Michael Chris-Ike will take up responsibilities at fullback, ensuring strength and protection in the backfield.
  • Slot Back: Ontaria Wilson and Oliver Martin will see more play with Nic Demski out. Myron Mitchell, Aron Cruickshank, and the others will provide additional options and depth.

Special Teams:

  • Kick and Punt Returner: Janarion Grant and Jamal Parker will lead the special teams as the primary return specialists, bringing speed and agility to kick and punt returns.

Season Outlook and Strategy:
The Bombers are poised to continue their strong performance into the 2024 season. The team’s coaching staff will focus on leveraging their deep roster to fill any gaps left by key players who are out and to manage workload effectively during Zach Collaros' absence in the preseason. Streveler’s experience and the potential of Barriere and Wilson will be crucial in maintaining the team’s competitive edge in the early games.

The continuation of a dynamic offensive strategy, combined with a solid defense, will be essential for the Bombers as they aim to replicate or surpass their previous season's success. This approach will not only maintain continuity but also integrate new talents effectively into the team dynamics.