CFL Trends WEEK 3

Betting Blue Skies: CFL Week 3 Betting Trends Breakdown

Hold onto your helmets, CFL bettors, as we plunge into the exhilarating realm of Week 3 betting trends. The stats are in from Ron Raymond's Raymond Report Sports Betting Tipsheet and boy, are they eye-opening. Get ready to tumble down the rabbit hole of Canadian Football League betting!

The Bombers' Homefield Brilliance

Let's kick things off with the Blue Bombers' stupendous record at home. It's been their fortress, especially when playing against division opponents. With a mind-boggling 19-1 SU record over the last five years, it's clear the Bombers are an almost unbeatable force on home turf. (“Bombers' Bastion – An Unassailable Fortress”)

Post-Division Game Domination

Moving from home advantage to resilience, the Blue Bombers show us how it's done. After division games, they've kept a stellar 14-1 SU record when playing at home in the last four years. Talk about bouncing back with a bang! (“Bombers' Rebound – Division Game Wonders”)

The Tigercats' Purring Underdogs

If you're looking for intriguing underdog stories, the Tigercats have got you covered. The Under is 1-10-0 for the Tigercats at home when coming off a road loss as a favorite in the last decade. How's that for betting odds? (“Tigercats' Underdog Uprise – Unexpected Odds, Likely Profits”)

The Stampeders' Winning Streak at Home

Switching gears to the Stampeders, who've had their own fair share of home ground success. They boast an impressive 14-2 SU record at home coming off a 1 game winning streak over the past decade. (“Stampeders' Home Triumphs – The Unstoppable Stampede”)

The Elks' Terrific Record

The Elks have left a mark in the league since 1996 with a commendable 31-5 SU record at home after coming off 2 unders. Underestimating the Elks in their own backyard is a mistake few dare to make. (“Elks' Historic Hold – The Under Siege”)

The Stampeders' Pre-Edmonton Excitement

When it comes to preparing for Edmonton, the Stampeders excel with an 11-2 SU record over the last decade. Looks like the prospect of playing Edmonton brings out the best in them! (“Stampeders' EDMONTON Effect – Primed and Pumped”)

The Under Trend – Tigercats and Argonauts

Don't worry under bettors, we haven't forgotten you! The Under is 2-9-0 for the Tigercats at home after a 2 road stand over the past decade. Similarly, the Argonauts stand at 2-9-0 for the Under when played as an away team in the month of June since 1996. (“Riding the Under Wave – Tigers and Argonauts”)

The Blue Bombers' Favorite Days and Numbers

The Blue Bombers have a soft spot for Thursdays and the magic total of 49.50. They are 8-2 SU when playing on a Thursday in the last seven years and 9-2 SU when the total score hits 49.50 over the last three years. (“Bombers' Lucky Charms – Thursdays and 49.50”)

From home ground heroes to underdog victories, and magic numbers, the exciting world of CFL betting trends has it all. Happy betting, and may the best trend win!

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