CFL Scoring Week 3

CFL Teams’ Scoring Averages: Early Season Breakdown

Following the first three weeks of the Canadian Football League (CFL) season, an examination of the offensive and defensive averages indicates some interesting trends and implications for the rest of the season. Here, we take a look at the teams' performance, focusing on their “Points Per Game For” (PPGF) and “Points Per Game Against” (PPGA) rankings.

Offensive Analysis

The top of the list in terms of offensive scoring (PPGF) is dominated by the Toronto Argonauts, scoring an impressive 37.5 points on average per game. This strong start suggests that their offense has been firing on all cylinders, both on the ground and in the air, and poses a considerable threat to their adversaries.

Next in line are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with an average of 31 PPGF, followed closely by the Montreal Alouettes, who are managing 28.5 PPGF. This high level of offensive performance, while not as remarkable as the Argonauts, still denotes a significant level of proficiency and consistency in their attacking play.

Midway through the ranking, we have the British Columbia Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders who are averaging 25.67 and 24.33 PPGF, respectively, displaying modest offensive firepower. Similarly, the Calgary Stampeders stand at 6th with a 22.33 PPGF, suggesting room for improvement.

The lower half of the table is occupied by the Hamilton Tigercats, Edmonton Elks, and Ottawa Red Blacks, with 19, 14.67, and 13.5 PPGF, respectively. These teams will undoubtedly be looking to improve their offensive production as the season progresses.

Defensive Analysis

On the defensive side, the British Columbia Lions have demonstrated the stingiest defense, allowing just 7 PPGA. Their defense's effectiveness in suppressing their opponents' offenses has been a significant factor in their strong start to the season.

Montreal Alouettes come second, conceding an average of 12 PPGA. This suggests a commendable defensive effort, although there is a noticeable gap compared to the Lions.

Interestingly, the Ottawa Red Blacks, despite their offensive struggles, have managed to restrict their opponents to an average of 22.5 PPGA, ranking 3rd in the league. Toronto Argonauts and Calgary Stampeders are not far behind, each allowing 22.5 and 23 PPGA, respectively.

Edmonton Elks and Saskatchewan Roughriders find themselves towards the bottom, with the Elks allowing 27.33 PPGA and the Roughriders conceding slightly more at 28 PPGA.

However, the most worrying statistic goes to the Hamilton Tigercats, who are struggling defensively with a hefty 37.33 PPGA. This porous defense could be a significant obstacle in their quest for a successful season if it isn't addressed promptly.


The first three weeks have revealed an intriguing landscape for this CFL season. With teams like the Toronto Argonauts and the British Columbia Lions leading offensively and defensively, respectively, the performance bar has been set high.

However, as any seasoned football fan knows, the season is a marathon, not a sprint. It remains to be seen how the rankings will change as teams fine-tune their strategies, adapt to their competitors, and react to inevitable injuries. This early analysis provides a fascinating snapshot, but the true story of the CFL season will only emerge in the weeks to come.