CFL Week 6 Round Up

The Raymond Report: The Ultimate CFL Week 6 Roundup

It's been a thrilling season so far, with many high-octane performances and shocking upsets that have had fans on the edge of their seats. The storylines are as engaging as they come, and our CFL stars are making the headlines. Here's a roundup of the action so far, coupled with key stats and data that will give you a comprehensive look at the current CFL scene.

Defensive Titans: The Players

In the defensive side of the game, we have a few names that have truly stood out since the beginning of the season.

Ciante Evans3
Robertson Daniel3
Demerio Houston3
Loucheiz Purifoy2
Nick Marshall2
Rolan Milligan2
Cameron Judge2
Qwan'tez Stiggers2
Ed Gainey1
T.J. Lee1

Among these interception masters, Ciante Evans, Robertson Daniel, and Demerio Houston are tied for the top spot, each boasting 3 interceptions. Nick Marshall, Rolan Milligan, Cameron Judge, and Qwan'tez Stiggers trail close behind with 2 interceptions each. Ed Gainey and T.J. Lee round up the list with 1 interception each.

Offensive Juggernauts: The Teams

Switching gears to offensive power, here's how the teams rank when it comes to Points Per Game For (PPGF) on the offense.

Toronto Argonauts140
British Columbia Lions227.2
Winnipeg Blue Bombers326.8
Saskatchewan Roughriders421.25
Montreal Alouettes519.75
Hamilton Tigercats619.5
Calgary Stampeders719.5
Ottawa Red Blacks816.5
Edmonton Elks912.4

The Toronto Argonauts are leading the pack with an impressive 40 points on average per game. Hot on their trail are the British Columbia Lions and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with 27.2 and 26.8 points respectively.

Defensive Wall: The Teams

Now, let's look at the other side of the coin: Defense. The Points Per Game Against (PPGA) rankings show which teams have been able to shut down their opponents effectively.

British Columbia Lions117
Ottawa Red Blacks218.25
Montreal Alouettes319
Winnipeg Blue Bombers420.4
Toronto Argonauts523
Calgary Stampeders623.25
Saskatchewan Roughriders723.75
Edmonton Elks824
Hamilton Tigercats931.25

The British Columbia Lions top the chart, limiting their opponents to a mere 17 points per game on average. The Ottawa Red Blacks and the Montreal Alouettes follow close behind with 18.25 and 19 points respectively.

This season is far from over, and there's plenty of excitement to come. Stay tuned to the Raymond Report for all your CFL needs, and remember: In this game of pigskin, every play counts!

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