CFL Week 2 Recap

Week 2 CFL Recap: Stampeders Overpower Redblacks (06/17/23)

In a riveting Thursday night CFL clash on June 15, the Calgary Stampeders triumphed over the Ottawa Redblacks in a demonstration of balanced offensive performance and solid defensive play. Calgary's impressive performance was underscored by their 429 total yards in contrast to Ottawa's 265, which proved pivotal in their win.

The Stampeders' victory can be traced back to several key factors:

  1. Offensive Dominance: Calgary's offensive unit outperformed Ottawa's in both passing and rushing. With quarterback J. Maier's 332 passing yards and D. Mills' notable contribution of 102 rushing yards, Calgary dominated the field and maintained consistent offensive pressure.
  2. Ball Security: Despite Maier throwing one interception, Calgary did a remarkable job of maintaining possession of the football. They committed fewer turnovers (2) compared to Ottawa's 4, which were significant momentum changers.
  3. Defensive Persistence: The Calgary defense also played a pivotal role in the victory. Their stalwart defense was evident in the stats, with M. Awe and C. Judge making key tackles and a sack each. T. Wall's interception was also a critical play in the game.
  4. Effective Execution: Calgary executed more total plays (58 vs. 49), averaging a higher yardage per play (7.6 vs. 5.7). This superior efficiency was a contributing factor in their win.
  5. Strong Receiving Game: Calgary's receiving game was strong, with R. Begelton and M. Henry combining for 249 yards. Their ability to make significant gains through the air helped the Stampeders keep the Redblacks' defense off balance.
  6. Special Teams Performance: Punter C. Grace and kicker R. Paredes also played a significant role in the victory. Grace's punting helped control field position, and Paredes was perfect on extra point attempts.

In contrast, the Redblacks struggled in both offensive and defensive phases. The team had difficulty moving the ball consistently, and their defense could not adequately halt Calgary's aggressive offense. Furthermore, their special teams unit also had a relatively quiet night, with kicker L. Ward scoring only twice and punter R. Leone averaging less yardage per punt than Calgary's punter.

Ultimately, Calgary's well-rounded performance on both sides of the ball and in special teams allowed them to control the game and secure the victory. Their ability to maintain possession, exploit the Redblacks' defense, and limit their mistakes were all crucial aspects of their success. The Stampeders' win can be attributed to a superior team performance in all phases of the game.