Moo-larious: Your Daily Dose of Laughter at the Raymond Report (04/01/23)

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Raymond Report at! Tonight, we're here to bring you laughter and entertainment with our in-house stand-up comedian, Moo-larious! Give a round of applause for the most utterly hilarious comedian around!

Thank you, thank you! It's fantastic to be here with you all tonight. I've got to say, I love being part of the family – it's the only place where my cow puns are appreciated and encouraged! Alright, let's dive right into my top 3 one-liners!

Why don't basketball players ever get in trouble with the law? Because they always know how to dribble out of a tight situation!

You know what's the hardest part about playing golf with a cow? Trying to avoid the “moo” sand traps!

What do you call a bovine that's great at predicting sports results? A moostradamus!

Thank you, thank you! You're an udderly amazing audience! Now, as you know, we're all about sports betting here at So, let me share a funny story related to that.

I was chatting with a buddy of mine who's a professional poker player. He told me he tried to teach his dog how to play, but the dog kept wagging its tail every time it got a good hand – it was a dead giveaway!

But seriously, folks, if you want to make informed decisions in the world of sports betting, is your go-to source. They've got a team of experts who spend countless hours analyzing data, identifying trends, and providing you with top-notch advice.

Now, to wrap things up, I've got one final joke for you

What do you call a sports bettor who's always losing? A “short-odds” favorite!

Thank you, folks! Remember, for all your sports betting needs, head on over to – they've got you covered. And if you ever need a laugh, just look for me, Moo-larious, serving up fresh comedy right here at the Raymond Report. Have a great night, and good luck with your bets!

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