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The Funny Finish Line: Where Horse Racing and Laughter Meet Daily (03/28/23)

Welcome back to the Funny Finish Line: Where Horse Racing and Laughter Meet Daily!

Let's dive into today's hilarious horse racing picks, betting tips, and historical tidbits from some of the finest racetracks around the country. Remember, the only thing better than winning is laughing all the way to the bank! 🤣

Louisiana Downs – Race #3 Located in Bossier City, Louisiana, and opened in 1974, Louisiana Downs is where the horses come to spice things up! Our top pick for today is (4) Rf Fearless Jet, who's so fearless, he once raced a cheetah and won! For our Place, we've got (3) Hez Blacklisted, who got blacklisted from a horse disco for dancing too hard. And for Show, it's (6) Flirty Looks, who’s been practicing their best smoldering look to charm the competition!

Will Rogers Downs – Race #5 Heading over to Claremore, Oklahoma, we find Will Rogers Downs. Established in 1987 and named after the great American humorist and cowboy, Will Rogers, this track has a record of 1:08.2 for 6 furlongs. Today's top pick is (5) Tommyhawk, who is so fast, he leaves a trail of feathers in his wake! Placing second, we have (2) Mister Wayside, who's always looking for a shortcut to the winner's circle. And for Show, it's (4) Mesa Moon, who shines bright even in the middle of the day!

Mahoning Valley – Race #8 Our next stop is Mahoning Valley, located in Youngstown, Ohio, and opened in 2014. Known for its chilly weather racing, our top pick for today is (4) Lucky Streak, who's got a rabbit's foot in every horseshoe! In second place, we have (6) Stunt Man, who can leap over tall fences in a single bound. And for Show, we're going with (3) Zakaria, who's secretly a math genius and has calculated the perfect racing strategy.

Parx Racing – Race #1 Next up is Parx Racing in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Opening in 1974, it was initially called Keystone Racetrack before becoming Philadelphia Park and finally Parx Racing in 2010. Our top pick for this race is (7) Norlander, who hails from the land of Vikings and knows how to pillage a win! In second place, we've got (6) Shy Da Runner, who's so fast, they say he's running away from his own shadow. And for Show, it's (2) Gun Collector, who isn't actually collecting guns, but rather, collecting victories!

Sunland Park – Race #8 Our journey takes us to Sunland Park, near El Paso, Texas. Since opening in 1959, it's been the go-to spot for sun-loving horse racing enthusiasts. Today's top pick is (1) Kiss Me D Oro, who's got the Midas touch on the racetrack! In second place, we have (4) Danz At Colfax, who moonwalks to the finish line. And for Show, it's (8) Discovery N Sight, who’s always on the lookout for new ways to win!

Turf Paradise – Race #5 Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Arizona, is our next destination. Founded in 1956, this desert oasis is perfect for horse racing lovers. Our top pick for today is (6) Steal Home, who's known for swiping bases and finishing lines! In second place, we've got (3) Thirty Seconds Out, who's so fast, they say he's halfway to the moon in just 30 seconds! And for Show, it's (2) Lookin for Eight, who's always searching for the lucky number eight to secure a victory.

And there you have it, folks! Another day of the Funny Finish Line, where we combine humor, horse racing, and good times. Remember, a day without laughter is a day wasted. So, get out there, place your bets, and have a chuckle while you watch your favorite horses sprint to the finish line!

Good luck, and happy racing! 🐎💨

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