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Gil Melendez Picks

Gil Melendez's biography is marked by an impressive 25-year involvement in the renowned Las Vegas NFL handicapping contests. His participation in these contests has been nothing short of exceptional, showcasing his mastery of NFL handicapping. Over the years, Gil has consistently demonstrated his remarkable skills, earning a well-deserved collection of accolades. Notable among his achievements are commendable placements in esteemed competitions such as the prestigious Hilton SuperBook contest, now recognized as the Westgate SuperContest. Additionally, Gil actively engages in the newly emerged and highly prominent NFL contests, namely the Circa Millions and Circa Survivor competitions.

Alongside his active contest participation, Gil employs a comprehensive strategy that combines a contrarian approach with meticulous evaluation of line movements, both at the opening and closing stages. He possesses an unmatched wealth of expertise in analyzing team data and implementing effective situational handicapping techniques. This multifaceted approach enables him to uncover valuable insights and make informed predictions about game outcomes. Gil leverages a wide range of online and offline resources accumulated over his extensive career, utilizing them as the bedrock of his analytical process. As a result, he is able to provide accurate and insightful projections for NFL games.

Through his extensive experience, notable accomplishments in prestigious contests, and unwavering commitment to employing a well-rounded approach, Gil Melendez has firmly established himself as a seasoned expert in NFL handicapping.

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