Aqueduct Racetrack

Aqueduct Racetrack Racing Free Tipsheet – Friday, Feb 16th, 2024

Dive into today's races at Aqueduct Racetrack with our tailored tipsheet. We've analyzed the lineup to bring you top picks for each race, emphasizing the potential winners and spotlighting longshots for those seeking value.

RACE #1 – 01.20 PM, 1 Mile on the Dirt

  • #5 Malu (6-5): The favorite, Malu, with K Carmouche aboard, shows promising training sessions that hint at a dominating performance.
  • Longshot #2 My Gorgeous (30-1): This horse could surprise us today, offering immense value at long odds with an experienced jockey like E Ruiz.

RACE #2 – 01.50 PM, 1 Mile on the Dirt

  • #2 Magnolia Midnight (5-2): M Franco's riding skill could lead Magnolia Midnight to victory in this competitive field.
  • Longshot #4 Inspeightoftrainer (8-1): D Davis could steer this underdog to an unexpected place, making it a bet worth considering.

RACE #3 – 02.20 PM, 6 Furlongs on the Dirt

  • #2 Remain Anonymous (4-1): M Franco's high win rate could be the deciding factor in a race that suits this horse's style.
  • Longshot #6 Collect Dattt (20-1): At these odds, R R Maragh’s mount could provide a lucrative payout if the pace falls their way.

RACE #4 – 02.51 PM, 1 Mile on the Dirt

  • #3 Awesome Glo (5-2): M Franco could lead this promising maiden to break through, given the horse's recent solid workouts.
  • Longshot #1 Dactilografa (10-1): E Ruiz might find the right rhythm with this horse to challenge the favorites, offering value.

RACE #5 – 03.22 PM, 6 1/2 Furlongs on the Dirt

  • #3 Maggie T (8-1): This pick is a blend of potential and value, with L R Rivera, Jr. looking to capitalize on a favorable setup.
  • Longshot #6 Joey the Fish (10-1): Given the unpredictable nature of this field, S Camacho, Jr.'s mount could surprise.

RACE #6 – 03.55 PM, 7 Furlongs on the Dirt

  • #6 Gum Island (4-1): J Lezcano's choice here suggests confidence in this maiden's ability to secure a win.
  • Longshot #3 Uncle Eddie (15-1): If looking for a dark horse, E Ruiz on Uncle Eddie could provide an enticing upset.

RACE #7 – 04.26 PM, 6 1/2 Furlongs on the Dirt

  • #1A Big Engine (9-5): J Lezcano’s mount stands out for its consistency and competitive edge in this lineup.
  • Longshot #5 Disco Deano (30-1): At these odds, the potential for a high reward is significant, especially with a strategic ride from L R Rivera, Jr.

RACE #8 – 04.57 PM, 7 Furlongs on the Dirt

  • #7 Dr. Settle's Dream (8-1): J Lezcano could steer this contender to the front in a race that looks open for upsets.
  • Longshot #8 What a Blast (30-1): This contender could outperform expectations, offering substantial value for bettors willing to take the risk.

Key Insights:

  • Jockey selections play a crucial role in our picks, especially with proven winners like M Franco and J Lezcano.
  • We're leaning towards horses that have shown potential in workouts and previous races, while not shying away from longshots where the value is too good to ignore.

Remember, betting on horse racing should be fun and responsible. Good luck, and may your picks cross the finish line first!