Belmont Park Picks

Belmont Park Free Horse Racing (05/06/23)

Welcome to today's horse racing tip sheet report for the first three races at Belmont Park on Saturday, May 6, 2023. We'll provide you with our top picks, including the jockey's name, their “in the money” record over their last 100 races, and the morning line (M/L) for each pick. In addition, we'll introduce you to Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond's favorite horse racing wagering system, the “Double Dutch” Betting system.

Before we dive into our picks, let's discuss the “Double Dutch” Betting system. This system involves wagering on one horse in the race to win and/or place. If the chosen horse finishes second, depending on the odds, bettors can get their money back. This system is perfect for bettors who want to minimize their risk while still having a shot at a decent payout.

Ron Raymond's Free Horse Picks

Now, let's take a look at our top picks for the first three races at Belmont Park:

Race 1 – Belmont Park $40,000 – Maiden Claiming

  • Win: (11) Sperss – Jockey: N Juarez (27%)
  • Place: (2) Dream Road – Jockey: H K Harkie (26%)
  • Show: (4) Strange Fruit – Jockey: K Davis (26%)

Race 2 – Belmont Park $95,000 – Allowance

  • Win: (6) Listentoyourheart – Jockey: K Davis (26%)
  • Place: (2) American Law – Jockey: K Carmouche (22%)
  • Show: (1) Digital Future – Jockey: D Davis (22%)

Race 3 – Belmont Park $16,000 – Claiming

  • Win: (4) Papi On Ice – Jockey: O Hernandez Moreno (26%)
  • Place: (7) Union Lights – Jockey: R R Maragh (24%)
  • Show: (2) Hot Rod Lincoln – Jockey: M Olver (25%)

We hope you find these picks helpful, and we encourage you to get the remaining races using the Raymond Report premium horse racing tipsheet inside our member's area. Sign up today and unlock the full potential of our expert handicapping system!

Remember, the horses with the best “WIN” percentage record and trainers with the best “IN THE MONEY” percentage record can offer valuable insights for your betting strategy. Use this information alongside the Double Dutch Betting system to maximize your chances of success at the racetrack.

Good luck, and happy betting!

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