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Churchill Down Free Horse Racing Picks (05/14/23)

Churchill Downs is primed for another electrifying day of horse racing this Sunday, May 14, 2023. Punters looking to place informed bets can turn to Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond and his esteemed “Double Dutch” Betting system. This method of wagering centers on betting on a single horse to win and/or place in a race. If the chosen horse finishes second, depending on the odds, you could recoup your money.

Let's dive into Ron Raymond's top picks for the first three races at Churchill Downs.

For Race #1, Ron's picks for Win, Place, and Show are:

  • Win: (8) Racetothefinish, with 9-2 odds, jockeyed by C A Torres (40% win rate)
  • Place: (7) Tiltingatwindmills, at 10-1 odds, with D L Parker (30% win rate) on board
  • Show: (2) Reliant, carrying 6-1 odds, ridden by J R Leparoux (24% win rate)

Ron's Exacta picks for Race #1 are the combinations 8/7, 7/2, and 2/5. His Trifecta picks are 8/7/2 and 5/7/2.

Moving on to Race #2, the top picks for Win, Place, and Show are:

  • Win: (8) Haskelled, at 5-2 odds, under the reins of C A Torres (40% win rate)
  • Place: (5) Riley Bee, carrying 15-1 odds, with jockey A Jimenez (29% win rate)
  • Show: (2) Commander Carl, at 7-2 odds, ridden by L Saez (27% win rate)

Ron's Exacta picks for Race #2 are 8/5, 5/2, and 2/4, while his Trifecta picks are 8/5/2 and 4/5/2.

For Race #3, Ron's selections for Win, Place, and Show are:

  • Win: (7) Crimaldi, with 3-1 odds, jockeyed by T Gaffalione (24% win rate)
  • Place: (2) Misread, at 2-1 odds, ridden by B J Hernandez, Jr. (23% win rate)
  • Show: (6) Goldys Lock, at 8-1 odds, with C J Hernandez (22% win rate) in the saddle

For Race #3, the Exacta picks are 7/2, 2/6, and 6/5, while the Trifecta picks are 7/2/6 and 5/2/6.

For the remaining races at Churchill Downs, Ron Raymond's premium horse racing tipsheet inside the member's area is your go-to resource. It features the Raymond Report with detailed analysis and top picks for each race. Make sure to sign up today to gain access to this treasure trove of information and place your bets with confidence.

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