Churchill downs Picks

Churchill Downs Free Horse Racing Picks (05/05/23)

In this article, we are providing you with a horse racing tip sheet report for the first three races at Churchill Downs on Friday, May 5, 2023, including the jockey's name and their “in the money” record over their last 100 races. Additionally, we will educate you about Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond's favorite horse racing wagering system, the “Double Dutch” Betting system. Finally, we encourage you to get the remaining races using the Raymond Report premium horse racing tipsheet inside the member's area and to sign up today!

To begin, let's discuss the “Double Dutch” Betting system by Ron Raymond. This system involves wagering on one horse in the race to win and/or place in that race. If the chosen horse finishes second, bettors can get their money back, depending on the odds. This system allows for a strategic approach to betting and increases the chances of getting returns on your wagers.

Ron's Churchill Downs Picks

Now, let's take a look at our top picks for the first three races at Churchill Downs:

Race #1:

  1. WIN: (1) Lady Emily Kathryn – J L Ortiz (32%) – M/L: 8-1
  2. PLACE: (12) Forever After All – C J Lanerie (27%) – M/L: 7-2
  3. SHOW: (7) K'antheia – B J Hernandez, Jr. (25%) – M/L: 9-2

Race #2:

  1. WIN: (11) Vahva – L Saez (28%) – M/L: 4-1
  2. PLACE: (6) Grove – R Santana, Jr. (28%) – M/L: 6-1
  3. SHOW: (3) Margoinabubblebath – C J Lanerie (27%) – M/L: 20-1

Race #3:

  1. WIN: (8) Sky and Sand – J L Ortiz (32%) – M/L: 20-1
  2. PLACE: (11) Burning Bright – L Saez (28%) – M/L: 8-1
  3. SHOW: (20) Flags Up – C J Lanerie (27%) – M/L: 8-1

We hope this information is helpful for your betting endeavors today at Churchill Downs. Don't forget to check out the Raymond Report premium horse racing tipsheet inside the member's area for the remaining races and to sign up today for the most accurate and reliable tips! Happy betting and may the odds be ever in your favor!