Keeneland Racetrack

First-Time at Keeneland? Learn to Bet Like a Pro with Ron’s Picks!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines – or should I say, saddle up – because we're diving into today's first three races at the prestigious Keeneland racetrack. Get ready for some heart-pounding action, as well as a healthy dose of humor, with this Raymond Report horse racing tip sheet.

Let's kick things off with Ron Raymond's favorite horse betting system, the “Double Dutch.” This ingenious system allows you to bet on a horse to win and/or place in the race. If your chosen steed comes in second, there's still a chance to get your money back, depending on the odds. Talk about a win-win, or should we say, win-place situation!

Keeneland Horse Racing Picks 04/13/23

Now, let's dive into today's races.

Race #1 Keeneland $50,000

It's time for the starter's allowance at high noon, with a 7-furlong dirt race. Get ready for some dirt-slinging action, folks! Our top picks for this race are:

  1. Win: (2) Runaway Mom – 20-1 – We love an underdog, or should we say, underhorse?
  2. Place: (10) Invaluable – 5-1 – This horse is living up to its name.
  3. Show: (7) Alarm Clock – 9-5 – No need to hit snooze on this one!

For an exacta box recommendation, we're looking at 2/10, 10/7, and 7/3.

Race #2 Keeneland $80,000

Giddy up for the maiden special weight at 12:32 PM, with a 4 1/2-furlong dirt race. Here are our top contenders:

  1. Win: (4) Saddle Up – 4-1 – Just like the name suggests, it's time to saddle up and ride to victory!
  2. Place: (13) Dunphy – 12-1 – The odds may be long, but we believe in miracles.
  3. Show: (9) Mangione – 8-1 – Prepare for some smooth moves from this contender!

Our exacta box recommendations for this race are 4/13, 13/9, and 9/12.

Race #3 Keeneland $30,000

Don't miss the maiden claiming race at 1:04 PM, featuring a 1 1/16-mile dirt race. Our top three picks for this showdown are:

  1. Win: (10) Lotsandlotsofgold – 6-1 – We're hoping this horse brings us lots and lots of green!
  2. Place: (2) Goodbetterbest – 5-1 – A name that pretty much sums up our expectations.
  3. Show: (3) Chicago Typhoon – 20-1 – A windy city whirlwind coming your way!

For our exacta box recommendations, we suggest 10/2, 2/3, and 3/6.

Don't miss out on the remaining races using the Raymond Report premium horse racing tipsheet inside the member's area. Sign up today and get ready to ride the wave of excitement at Keeneland racetrack. Happy betting, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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