If you’re a newcomer to horse racing and looking to explore different betting systems, you might be experiencing frustration from consistently having one or two of the top three horses on your ticket, yet still not profiting. Don’t worry, this is a common issue. To help you out, I’ve shared some of my most effective betting strategies below, including various ways you can wager on horses.

Remember that the concept of “VALUE” is subjective, and developing the ability to use “PERCENTAGES” as a handicapping skill necessitates the use of a horse racing betting system, a beginner’s guide, or, at the very least, betting tools that provide indications when the percentages are in your favor.


For beginners looking to try horse racing betting systems, there are several strategies to consider. One popular method is Double Dutch, which involves betting on the top horse to both win and place. If the chosen horse finishes second, bettors have a chance to get their money back, depending on the odds. One approach is to choose the number one horse, which, if it gets a clean start out of the gate, will have a shorter distance to run as the inside pole position.

Another strategy is Back Wheeling Exacta, which involves betting on the favorite to place and boxing the field to come in first. This approach increases the chances of a bigger payout if a higher odds horse comes in first and the favorite comes in second. Exacta Box involves selecting two or more horses to come in first and second in any order. This strategy can be useful when there are several horses in the race and the odds are favorable.

For an even higher payout, some bettors use Chinese Checkers Trifecta Box, which involves boxing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd horses in the race for $1 or $2. The Joker’s Wild is another option, where the 4th best jockey in the race is selected and bet on to win, place, and show. This selection is based on the jockey’s record over their last 100 races and is not likely to be the public’s choice in the race.

Finally, there is the Missouri Pick, which is a safer betting option for novice bettors. This strategy involves choosing the top horse in the race and betting on it to show only, meaning it must finish first, second, or third to win. Keeping in mind that favorites only win 32% of the time, this method can be a good way to limit risk while still potentially earning a payout.


6 HORSES16.6%33.3%50.0%
7 HORSES14.2%28.5%42.8%
8 HORSES12.5%25.0%37.5%
9 HORSES11.1%22.0%33.3%
10 HORSES10.0%20.0%30.0%
11 HORSES9.0%18.0%27.2%
12 HORSES8.3%16.6%25.0%
13 HORSES7.6%15.3%23.0%
14 HORSES7.1%14.2%21.4%
15 HORSES6.6%13.3%20.0%
16 HORSES6.2%12.5%18.7%