Mahoning Valley horse racing picks

Mahoning Valley Free Racing Tipsheet – Monday, February 26th, 2024

Welcome to Mahoning Valley! Kicking off the week with an exciting lineup of races, we're here to provide you with top picks, dark horses, and potential surprises that could shape your betting strategies for today. From the dash of maiden claimers to the strategic moves in allowances, today's card is filled with opportunities for the keen observer.

Let's dive into the highlights of today's races.

RACE #1 – 12.45 PM, 6 Furlongs on the Dirt
#5 Pacifidero (8-1): Shows promise with A I Diaz in the saddle, a contender worth watching.
Sleeper Alert: #4 Dangerous Mind (8-1) could surprise many and offers excellent value.

RACE #2 – 01.12 PM, 6 Furlongs on the Dirt
#6 J P's Gladys (2-1): Strong favorite with A I Diaz, expected to lead the field.
Watch: #5 Cagua (7-2), with E Barbaran, could provide a challenge.

RACE #3 – 01.40 PM, 1 Mile on the Dirt
#7 Prancipants (5-2): A standout choice with A I Diaz, ready for a top finish.
Dark Horse: #8 Alicia's Way (6-1), with J A Bracho, has potential to upset.

RACE #4 – 02.08 PM, 1 Mile on the Dirt
#1 Time the Avenger (8-1): With L R Rivera, an intriguing option against the favorites.
Potential Upset: #3 Logico (7-2), could leverage experience for a strong showing.

RACE #5 – 02.36 PM, 6 Furlongs on the Dirt
#11 Strong Again (20-1): A longshot with potential, A I Diaz looks to surprise.
Surprise Factor: #9 Young Turk (6-1) might benefit from the pace to secure a top finish.

RACE #6 – 03.04 PM, 1 Mile on the Dirt
#4 One Ten (3-1): Top pick with L R Rivera, showing promise to excel in this allowance race.
Hidden Gem: #3 Strike Appeal (8-1), with Y Aviles, could offer significant returns.

RACE #7 – 03.33 PM, 6 Furlongs on the Dirt
#4 Moment in the Dark (8-5): The favorite in this allowance, with C Keiser expected to dominate.
Lookout: #5 Rivers of Deniro (15-1), could surprise and offers bettors a lucrative payout.

RACE #8 – 04.02 PM, 6 Furlongs on the Dirt
#7 Angel Wings (5-1): Tops our selections for this allowance race with A I Diaz aboard.
Sleeper Alert: #1 Neechi (5-2), with E Barbaran, ready to challenge the favorite.

Today's races at Mahoning Valley present a mix of clear favorites and potential surprises, creating an exciting betting landscape. Whether leaning towards the top picks or searching for value in the sleepers, there's plenty of action ahead. Best of luck, and may your selections bring you success at the track!

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