Parx Racing Free Horse Racing Picks – 03/20/23

Don't miss out on today's horse racing action at Parx Racing! We've got a preview of the first three races just for you. But remember, for the remaining races and other races running today in North America, you need to get the Raymond Track Report Premium Tipsheet!

We recommend using the DOUBLE DUTCH betting system to maximize your chances of success. Take your TOP CHOICE horse in the race and bet that horse to WIN & PLACE. This way, even if your horse doesn't come in first, but finishes second, you can still recoup your initial wager, depending on the odds at post time.

Here's a sneak peek of our picks for the first three races at Parx Racing:


Our top choice for Race 1 is (1) Double Dealer with jockey F Pennington (46%) at 7-2 odds. Our second and third picks are (4) Battle of Yorktown with M J Sanchez (37%) at 9-2 odds and (9) Tough Workout with D Haddock (35%) at 3-1 odds.


In Race 2, our top choice is (6) Touring Maryanne with M J Sanchez (37%) at 4-1 odds. Following closely behind are (11) Quasar with D Haddock (35%) at 8-1 odds and (10) Frosted Wild Ride with Y C Ramos (32%) at 8-1 odds.


For Race 3, we're backing (5) Go for the Kill with J Laprida (42%) at 3-1 odds as our top choice. Our second and third picks are (1) Healy's Hope with R Silvera (41%) at 6-1 odds and (9) Hope for Gold with L M Ocasio (30%) at 4-1 odds.

Don't forget to get your Raymond Track Report Premium Tipsheet for expert analysis and picks on the remaining races today. Happy betting and good luck at the races!

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