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Parx Racing Free Horse Racing Picks (05/15/23)

Welcome to your ultimate betting guide for Monday, May 15, 2023, at Parx Racing! With insights directly from renowned sports handicapper Ron Raymond, we have a selection of winners for you to place your bets on. Also, we're going to delve into Raymond's favored wagering system, the “Double Dutch,” to optimize your betting strategy.

In the “Double Dutch” betting system, one horse in a race is selected to win and/or place. This means if your chosen horse finishes second, you may get your money back, depending on the odds. It's a strategy that may mitigate risk while still providing opportunities for solid returns.

Ron's Parx Racing Picks

Now, let's get to the races:

Race #1 For the first race, Ron's top pick is (6) Mr. Tuttle, ridden by M J Sanchez, with odds of 9-2 for the win. Coming in second place is (4) Frank N Ducky ridden by A Wolfsont, listed at 8-1. The show pick is (5) Jokemeister, ridden by L D Rivera, with odds at 3-1. For an exacta bet, consider a 6/4, 4/5, or 5/3 box. For trifecta, the choices are 6/4/5 and 3/4/5 boxes.

Race #2 Moving onto the second race, Ron's top choice for the win is (5) Elevenmonthslater, ridden by S Gonzalez, listed at 8-1. For place, (4) African Angel ridden by I Beato, comes in at 5-1. The show pick is (7) Verdandi, ridden by L M Ocasio, listed at 12-1. For the exacta, the choices are 5/4, 4/7, or 7/3 boxes. For the trifecta, you might want to consider the 5/4/7 and 3/4/7 boxes.

Race #3 In the third race, Ron's top pick is (5) Jay'stalker, ridden by M J Sanchez, listed at 6-1. Coming in second place is (4) Commissioner Dave ridden by S Vives, listed at 6-1. The show pick is (3) Don't Recall, ridden by J Ocasio, with odds at 12-1. For the exacta, the boxes are 5/4, 4/3, and 3/6. For the trifecta, consider the 5/4/3 and 6/4/3 boxes.

Remember, the “Double Dutch” betting system is a great way to manage your bets, particularly when considering these selections. To get the remaining races, sign up today and use the Raymond Report premium horse racing tipsheet inside the member’s area. It's your ticket to more informed and strategic betting. Good luck, and may the odds be in your favor!

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