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Parx Racing Free Horse Racing Picks (05/16/23)

Get ready for a thrilling day of horse racing at Parx Racing this Tuesday, May 16, 2023. Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond is here with his top picks for the first three races, and he's applying his tried and true “Double Dutch” Betting system to deliver these predictions. The “Double Dutch” system involves wagering on one horse to win and/or place in a race, and if that horse finishes second, you may just get your money back, depending on the odds.

Ron's Free Parx Racing Picks

Here's a look at Ron Raymond's top selections for the first three races at Parx Racing:

Race #1 starts with a bang. Ron's selections for Win, Place, and Show are:

  • Win: (7) Queen Lucky, with 10-1 odds, ridden by L D Rivera (30% win rate)
  • Place: (4) Angelofthegalaxy, at 5-2 odds, with jockey F Gonzalez, Jr. (28% win rate)
  • Show: (5) Nana's Boopa, at 3-1 odds, ridden by E Ruiz (25% win rate)

Ron's Exacta picks for Race #1 are the combinations 7/4, 4/5, and 5/6. His Trifecta picks are 7/4/5 and 6/4/5.

In Race #2, Ron's top picks for Win, Place, and Show are:

  • Win: (6) Golden Wildcat, with 4-1 odds, guided by S Gonzalez (40% win rate)
  • Place: (3) It's a Pity, carrying 12-1 odds, under jockey L M Ocasio (36% win rate)
  • Show: (4) Principe, with 15-1 odds, ridden by J Trejos (35% win rate)

Ron's Exacta picks for Race #2 are 6/3, 3/4, and 4/1, while his Trifecta picks are 6/3/4 and 1/3/4.

For Race #3, Ron's top choices for Win, Place, and Show are:

  • Win: (4) Drum and Drummer, at 2-1 odds, ridden by M J Sanchez (40% win rate)
  • Place: (3) Exclusive Order, with 12-1 odds, guided by L M Ocasio (36% win rate)
  • Show: (5) Esor, at 5-2 odds, under the guidance of S Vives (34% win rate)

Ron's Exacta picks for Race #3 are 4/3, 3/5, and 5/2, while his Trifecta picks are 4/3/5 and 2/3/5.

For those interested in the remaining races at Parx Racing, turn to Ron Raymond's premium horse racing tipsheet, available in the member's area. This resource provides detailed analysis and top picks for every race, giving you the insights you need to bet confidently. So don't wait, sign up today!

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