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Parx Racing Free Horse Racing Picks – Monday, June 12, 2023

Welcome to Parx Racing, where the thrill of horse racing comes alive! Today, we have Ron Raymond, a renowned sports handicapper, ready to share his expert picks for the races. He will provide you with his Win, Place, and Show selections, as well as his exacta and trifecta picks. But first, let's learn about Ron's favorite horse racing wagering system, the “Double Dutch” Betting system.

The “Double Dutch” system is a popular strategy in horse racing. It involves selecting one horse in a race to win and/or place. If the chosen horse finishes second, bettors can potentially get their money back, depending on the odds. It's an effective approach to increase your chances of winning and make strategic wagers.

Now, let's dive into the Raymond Report data and discover Ron Raymond's top picks for today's races at Parx Racing.

Race #1 – Claiming – 5 1/2 Furlongs on the Dirt

  • Win: (2) Shackle Cat – Jockey: P Lopez – Morning Line: 4-1 – Win Percentage: 47%
  • Place: (7) Pointer – Jockey: S Vives – Morning Line: 12-1 – Win Percentage: 29%
  • Show: (3) Trigger Pull – Jockey: F Gonzalez, Jr. – Morning Line: 5-1 – Win Percentage: 27%

Exacta: Box 2/7, Box 7/3, Box 3/4
Trifecta: Box 2/7/3, Box 4/7/3

Race #2 – Claiming – 1 Mile 70 Yards on the Dirt

  • Win: (4) Call Fitzroy – Jockey: J Laprida – Morning Line: 15-1 – Win Percentage: 37%
  • Place: (3) Kith – Jockey: D Haddock – Morning Line: 9-2 – Win Percentage: 36%
  • Show: (7) Mucho Macho Eddie – Jockey: S Gonzalez – Morning Line: 15-1 – Win Percentage: 35%

Exacta: Box 4/3, Box 3/7, Box 7/5
Trifecta: Box 4/3/7, Box 5/3/7

Race #3 – Maiden Claiming – 6 Furlongs on the Dirt

  • Win: (1) Jsk Pharaoh'sreign – Jockey: L M Ocasio – Morning Line: 4-1 – Win Percentage: 30%
  • Place: (6) Just Divine – Jockey: S Vives – Morning Line: 7-2 – Win Percentage: 29%
  • Show: (4) Book Marker – Jockey: R F Moya – Morning Line: 3-1 – Win Percentage: 28%

Exacta: Box 1/6, Box 6/4, Box 4/3
Trifecta: Box 1/6/4, Box 3/6/4

Ron Raymond's picks are backed by the Raymond Report data, giving you valuable insights into today's races at Parx Racing. Remember to conduct your own research and bet responsibly.

For a detailed analysis, comprehensive statistics, and expert advice on the remaining races, sign up for the Raymond Report premium horse racing tipsheet in the member's area. Elevate your wagering strategies and gain an edge in horse racing betting!

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