Parx Horse Racing

Parx Racing Free Tipsheet – Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Welcome to a thrilling day at Parx Racing! Today's lineup features a diverse range of races from maiden claimers to allowance battles, promising an exciting day for bettors and horse racing aficionados alike. Let's dive into the top picks and sleepers that could turn the tide in your favor.

RACE #1 – 12.05 PM, 6 1/2 Furlongs on the Dirt
#8 Mikey's Song (2-1): A strong favorite with M J Sanchez, showing great potential for a win today.
Sleeper Alert: #3 Picardy (12-1) has the makings of a surprise, offering great value.

RACE #2 – 12.32 PM, 1 Mile 70 Yards on the Dirt
#1 Dad's On a Roll (4-1): In prime form, this horse is ready to take the lead with L R Rivera, Jr.
Watch: #6 Predominate (9-2), a strong contender that could challenge the favorite.

RACE #3 – 12.59 PM, 6 Furlongs on the Dirt
#5 Boom Boom Kaboom (8-1): Poised for a standout performance with L R Rivera, Jr.
Dark Horse: #3 Completed Storm (9-2), with a slight edge, could make a significant impact.

RACE #4 – 01.26 PM, 1 Mile 70 Yards on the Dirt
#3 Pistol Liz Ablazen (3-1): The favorite in this race, expected to showcase strength and speed.
Potential Upset: #5 Ninetypercentbrynn (9-2) could leverage the distance for a high-value placement.

RACE #5 – 01.53 PM, 7 Furlongs on the Dirt
#3 B B Bad (15-1): A longshot with potential, ready to surprise the field.
Surprise Factor: #4 Bullet Butch (7-2), might benefit from pace dynamics to secure a top-three finish.

RACE #6 – 02.20 PM, 6 1/2 Furlongs on the Dirt
#7 Coles Conundrum (5-1): With M J Sanchez, this horse shows promise to break through in this race.
Hidden Gem: #4 Mr Sandman (3-1), could provide significant returns, especially in exotic wagers.

RACE #7 – 02.47 PM, 6 1/2 Furlongs on the Dirt
#5 Sea Trident (7-2): Strong training performances make this horse the one to beat.
Longshot Look: #1 Quick Return (10-1) could provide significant returns, particularly in exotic bets.

RACE #8 – 03.14 PM, 6 Furlongs on the Dirt
#7 Leretha (5-1): Offers value in a race where strategy could outweigh speed.
Sleeper Alert: #1 Merrychill (4-1), if able to navigate a favorable trip, stands as a compelling choice.

RACE #9 – 03.41 PM, 6 1/2 Furlongs on the Dirt
#2 Ego Man (5-1): With M J Sanchez aboard, blends speed and stamina for a top pick.
Underrated Pick: #5 Baton (10-1), coupled with R Silvera's ride, could outperform expectations.

RACE #10 – 04.08 PM, 1 Mile 70 Yards on the Dirt
#10 Keanu (9-2): L R Rivera, Jr.'s choice in the finale, this horse's form suggests readiness for a win.
Outsider Advantage: #11 Wilkinson Warrior (4-1) with A Bowman could leverage experience for a strong finish.

Parx Racing today presents a blend of clear favorites and potential sleepers, creating a vibrant betting landscape. Whether you're leaning towards the top picks or seeking value in the underdogs, there's plenty of action ahead. Good luck, and may your picks lead you to victory at the races!

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