Belmont Park Picks

Ron Raymond’s Belmont Park Picks for Saturday, June 3, 2023

Welcome to Belmont Park, where the excitement of horse racing reaches its peak. Today, we present Ron Raymond's expert picks, including his Win, Place, and Show selections, along with the unique “Double Dutch” betting system, designed to enhance your wagering experience.

Belmont Park Free Horse Racing Picks

Race #1: Maiden Claiming

Win: (5) Jersey Coast
Place: (6) Irish Empress
Show: (1) Hail Britannia
Exacta: 5/6 box, 6/1 box, 1/8 box
Trifecta: 5/6/1 box, 8/6/1 box

Race #2: Maiden Special Weight

Win: (3) Libretto
Place: (1) She's Mo Bubbly
Show: (6) Machiavellique
Exacta: 3/1 box, 1/6 box, 6/5 box
Trifecta: 3/1/6 box, 5/1/6 box

Race #3: Claiming

Win: (5) Truculent
Place: (3) American Lincoln
Show: (2) Cool Quartet
Exacta: 5/3 box, 3/2 box, 2/7 box
Trifecta: 5/3/2 box, 7/3/2 box

Ron Raymond’s “Double Dutch” Betting System:

Sports handicapper Ron Raymond is known for his innovative wagering systems, and one of his favorites is the “Double Dutch” Betting System. This system involves placing wagers on a single horse to win and/or place in a race.

Here's how it works: Let's say you choose a horse and bet on it to win. If the horse finishes first, you collect your winnings. However, if the horse finishes second, depending on the odds, you may still get your money back. This can be a great strategy to minimize losses and potentially break even if your selected horse narrowly misses the win.

The “Double Dutch” system allows bettors to capitalize on their horse's strong performance even if they don't win the race outright. It provides an additional layer of insurance and flexibility, making it a popular choice among handicappers.

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