MLB Trends 090223

80% Club Stats for Saturday, September 2nd, 2023, using the Raymond Report trends:

In the ever-evolving world of sports analytics, making sense of vast amounts of data is pivotal. The Raymond Report, an essential tool for many punters and enthusiasts alike, provides us with detailed trends that can offer valuable insights. Today, we're delving into the “80% Club Stats” for September 2nd, 2023, highlighting teams and matchups that have historically hit the mark with an 80% win rate or better. While past performance doesn't guarantee future outcomes, it certainly gives us a glimpse into patterns and behaviors worth noting. Let's dive in!


  • SU Winner: Miami has a record of 20-5-0 (80% Win rate) when playing Home or Away against Washington.
  • Over/Under: The over/under record stands at 7-15-3, favoring the under.
  • SU Winner: Toronto has an impressive record of 11-2-0 (84.6% Win rate) when playing as the favorite against Colorado.
  • Over/Under: The over/under is 5-8-0, leaning towards the under.
  1. BOSTON with a spread between 220 and 240:
  • SU Winner: Boston shows strength with a 36-9-0 record (80% Win rate) when playing with a spread between 220 and 240.
  • Over/Under: The record is 24-20-1, slightly favoring the over.


  1. TORONTO as Away Favorite vs. NL West:
  • SU Winner: Toronto has an 8-2 (80% Win rate) record when playing as an away favorite against an NL West opponent before a non-conference game.
  • Over/Under: It’s 6-4-0, favoring the over.
  1. ST LOUIS as a -180 to -200 Home Favorite with Total of 9.5:
  • SU Winner: St Louis dominates with a 20-4 (83.3% Win rate) record when playing in these conditions against right-handed pitchers.
  • Over/Under: The record stands at 11-13-0, favoring the under.
  1. BOSTON as a -300 or more Road Favorite:
  • SU Winner: Boston boasts a 16-4 (80% Win rate) record when played as a heavy road favorite against a non-division opponent after a conference game.
  • Over/Under: It’s split evenly at 10-10-0.


  1. BALTIMORE as road team Favorite:
  • SU Winner: Baltimore shines with an 11-1-0 (91.7% Win rate) record when played as a road team favorite during the last 3 years with 1 under or less.
  • Over/Under: The record is 8-4-0, leaning towards the over.
  1. ATLANTA as a Favorite:
  • SU Winner: Atlanta has an impressive 12-1-0 (92.3% Win rate) record when played as a favorite during the last 4 years under specific conditions.
  • Over/Under: It stands at 6-7-0, leaning towards the under.

From the data provided, these are the trends that show a win rate of 80% or more. It’s essential to note that past performance does not guarantee future results, and it's always crucial to perform additional research and analysis before making any betting decisions.

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