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A Closer Look at the MLB Monday Showdown: Unpacking the Raymond Report’s Stats for June 26, 2023

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As the sun rises on Monday, June 26th, 2023, Major League Baseball fans are gearing up for another day of heated contests and diamond dramas. In the spirit of smart forecasting, we're taking a deep dive into the Raymond Report's stats and trends, specifically the illustrious 80% Club. Let's explore what the numbers suggest for the upcoming games.

For starters, the Chicago Cubs strut into the day with an outstanding 17-4 straight-up (SU) record when played as a -140 to -160 road favorite during day games over the past two years. Having just come off a day game against a right-handed pitcher, the Cubs seem to have found a sweet spot in these conditions.

Down in St. Louis, the Cardinals have crafted an impressive 21-7 SU record when playing at home following two under games over the last couple of years. It's apparent they've mastered the art of rebounding from a low-scoring stint.

As we move to the Brewers and Mets, both teams are painting a low-scoring picture. The Brewers have seen an under record of 4-14-0 when playing away on a Monday in the last two years, and the Mets follow suit with a staggering 5-17-0 under record during home night games this season.

The Twins, meanwhile, are marching into Monday with an upbeat tune, boasting a 19-10 SU record when playing away on Mondays over the past four years. They've evidently found their rhythm to shake off the Monday blues.

In the southern charm of Atlanta, the Braves are holding a commanding 17-4 SU record when playing a home night game before a non-division game, coming off a one-run win, and a road victory. These specific conditions seem to weave a magical winning formula for the team.

Switching gears, the Tigers are trending towards low scoring games when playing away and coming off a loss against a right-handed pitcher, with an under record of 5-12-0 this season. Likewise, the LA Angels' home games have leaned under 4-8-0 when coming off against a National Conference opponent this season.

In the heat of Texas, the Rangers have a solid 9-4 SU record when playing at home after a conference game this season. Their resilience in bouncing back from intense conference games is worth noting.

Finally, let's talk about the fireworks. The White Sox have an explosive over record of 15-4-2 when playing away and coming off a two-game winning streak in the past two years. When they're hot, they're hot, making for some thrilling, high-scoring contests.

In summary, these trends paint an exciting picture of what's in store for this Monday's MLB games. Baseball is anything but predictable, but these insights add an extra dash of anticipation to the mix. As always, whether you're watching from the stands or from home, enjoy the games!

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