MLB TRENDS 06/25/23

A Sunday of Surprises: Analyzing MLB’s 80% Club Trends and Stats for June 25th, 2023

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Sunday, June 25th, 2023 is shaping up to be an intriguing day in Major League Baseball. Thanks to a wealth of intriguing stats from the Raymond Report's 80% Club, it's easy to see some fascinating trends and statistics that could hint at where the day's games might be headed.

The day kicks off with the Cubs boasting a remarkable 17-4 record as a -140 to -160 road favorite during day games over the last two years. Their solid performance against right-handed pitchers combined with coming off a day game seems to be a winning formula for the team from the Windy City.

Contrarily, the Cardinals have established their home dominance with a strong 21-7 straight up (SU) record when coming off two under games. Their ability to bounce back from low-scoring games is truly remarkable, as is the Mets' propensity for high-scoring games (8-4-0 over/under) when coming off a 5-game road trip.

Interestingly, the Phillies show an impressive 7-2 SU when hosting the third game of a series this season. Simultaneously, the under has been profitable for anyone betting against the Mariners on the road coming off three straight overs, with a record of 11-25-0 over the last six years.

Speaking of trends, the Orioles have a 17-8 SU record when playing at home after a non-division game, and the Rangers show a 21-7 SU record when playing away and coming off a game where they allowed only a single run. It seems both teams perform remarkably well under specific circumstances.

In the Empire State, the Yankees boast a 9-2 record when playing as a home team during a day game after a non-division game, even coming off a home win as an underdog. Meanwhile, when any MLB team plays as a -280 to -300 home favorite (TOR) against right-handed pitchers during a day game, especially during the 3rd game of a series, the teams carry a compelling 13-2 record.

One of the day's biggest outliers is the Braves, who have shown dominance on the road against NL Conference opponents this season with a 17-5 SU. Contrastingly, the Reds have an even 5-5 record when playing a home day game after a non-division game, coming off a home loss as an underdog, and scoring six or more runs in their last game.

The Royals' games have a tendency to be high-scoring affairs when playing away, coming off four overs, with the over hitting 10-1-0 in the last seven years. The Rays shine during day games at home, with an incredible 12-1 SU record this season.

In contrast, the Twins struggle when playing against division opponents away, with the under hitting 3-8-0 this season. And the Tigers have struggled when playing at home against right-handed pitchers after a conference game, especially during the 3rd game of a series and coming off a home win as an underdog, with a 6-9 record.

Looking at the West Coast, the under has hit in 12 out of 14 games for the Padres when playing at home and coming off a loss against a right-handed pitcher this season. Meanwhile, the Astros show a strong trend towards the under when playing away and coming off a game where they allowed eight runs, with the under hitting 1-10-1 in the last four years.

Finally, let's not forget the Dodgers' dominance at home when playing against NL CENTRAL division opponents in the last three years, with an incredible 39-8 SU record. And Giants' fans can expect a high-scoring affair during the 3rd game of a home series this season, as the over is 10-2-0.

In a nutshell, these trends offer a unique glimpse into the potential outcomes of this Sunday's games. As always, the beauty of baseball is its unpredictability, but these patterns provide an extra layer of depth to your game day predictions. Stay tuned and enjoy the action!

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